How To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Hair lossTired of looking for ways to solve your hair loss problem? Maximum people suffer from hair loss problems especially women. Hair plays a very important role in defining your look and thus make sure that your hair loss problem does not become a major issue.

Hair loss is caused due to many reasons such as medications, genetics, mineral deficiency, unhealthy food habits, pollution, stress and many more. Whatever be the cause you need to take proper care of it. Finding appropriate ways to prevent hair loss problem is very important. Few of them include.

Various Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Women

Take Proper Care Of Your Hair

Women these days tend to make new inventions in their look and try to play with their hair. They make use of chemical products to give their hair a different and attractive look. These inventions will affect your hair very badly. There are numerous things you can do to take proper care of your hair. These include oiling your hair at regular intervals especially before shampooing your hair.

Avoid using hair dryer

Keep your hair away from drying products like hair dryers, hot brushes, hair fasteners and chemical treatments because these can weaken your hair proteins causing hair loss problems. Natural drying is the best way to keep your hair away from hair loss problems. Avoid hair colouring. Chemicals can harm your hair very badly. Tight pony tails, tight braids, tight pulling clips and corn rows can cause significant hair loss if done on regular basis. Skipping these can help you a lot.

Massage Your Hair

Any natural oil be it be coconut, olive or canola is good for your hair. Warm up any of them carefully and massage it gently into your scalp and leave it for an hour and then shampoo it with the products which suits your hair type to prevent hair loss problem.

hair massage

Massaging will stimulate circulation and improve your hair quality. Good circulation will even keep your hair follies active.

Keeping Yourself Stress Free

The main cause of hair loss is tension and stress. You can practice meditation daily to prevent hair loss problem and restore hormonal balances. Make sure that you get adequate sleep and exercise regularly to keep yourself stress free.

Using Herbal Products

Try using products which do not contain any chemical. Chemical is the biggest enemy of hair. Use gentle hair cleansers to remove accumulated dirt, oil, bacteria and dust from your scalp.

Keep it clean always to avoid scalp infections and in turn hair loss. Earlier women used to rely on home-made recipes to keep their hair strong and thick. You can follow those recipes because they are very effective and usually have no side effects.

Having A Nutritional Diet

Make sure that you have a balanced diet to prevent all problems. Natural deficiencies is the main reason to all problems. Consume food rich in vitamin A, C and E, zinc, omega 3 and iron and avoid oily food. Consuming these foods will help you to overcome deficiencies and will make your hair stronger and will prevent hair loss in an effective way.

Nutritional Diet

It has been suggested by many experts that we should consume about 1000 to 3000 mg of vitamin C per day. Raisins and apricots are rich in iron and stimulate hair growth. Most importantly don’t forget to drink plenty of water to flush out all harmful toxins present in your body daily. Stay hydrated by drinking about 6 to 8 glasses of water per day. Most importantly eliminate alcohol from your diet.

Washing And Trimming Your Hair

Make sure that you wash your hair at least thrice a week to keep it dirt free. Wash your hair with good quality shampoo and even use conditioners to overcome damage that you see at the ends of your hair.

Trimming Your Hair

 Trim your hair regularly to get rid of those unwanted split ends. Trimming encourages hair growth.

Things To Avoid

Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet. Still if it’s urgent to comb try using wide toothed combs. Use your fingers to detangle your hair because frequent brushing can increase hair loss.

Avoid brushing wet hair

Avoid rubbing your hair forcefully with your towel after washing it because it can cause hair breakage. Instead try patting it gently to dry it.

Getting Rid Of Hair Related Problems

Dryness, dandruff, itchy scalp and flakiness is the main reason for hair loss. These problems make your hair weak and thus cause hair loss. Treat these problems today if you are looking for effective ways to prevent hair loss. Wash your hair with a bit of lemon squeezed into the water which will help you to keep your scalp away from dandruff.

Using Natural Juices

Still thinking whether natural juices will actually help you in preventing hair loss? Believe it or not you can use any kind of juice either garlic juice, ginger juice or onion juice to rub your scalp.

Apply Natural Juices

Leave it overnight and wash it properly in the morning. These natural ingredients from our kitchen are very helpful. Don’t make the mistake of mixing them together and then applying it. Apply only one of them at a time.


You can even rub green tea on your scalp because it contains antioxidants which can prevent hair loss. Make sure that you do not apply it when it’s hot. Apply it when it cools down and rinse your hair after one hour thoroughly.

Stop Smoking

Smoking has become very common both among men and women. It has become the recent trend among the youth. You should stop smoking toady. Smoking will reduce the blood flow which causes reduction in hair growth.

quit smoking

If you are looking for easy ways to prevent hair loss in women then you should stop smoking immediately. If you are facing temporary hair loss then you can even wear a wig until your hair is restored.

Following the above mentioned steps regularly at home can be very effective and will keep you away from costly techniques. When we think about our hair prevention is better than cure so make sure that you follow all the above techniques to get the desired results. Consult a doctor immediately if the techniques are not showing positive results.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

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