5 Reasons Why Chives Are Great For Your Skin Hair And Overall Health


Chives are a member of Allium family which usually consists of onions, leeks, shallots and garlic; most of these are underground stems and bulbs. The plant has lavendar-colored flowers which are closely packed on flower-stalks; its leaves usually appear only in spring and it has a taste that is pretty much like that of an onion.

Here Are Few Health Benefits Of Chives That Make It Really Great For Your Skin Hair And Overall Health

Chives Nourish The Skin Inside Out

There are certain vitamins that are essential for your skin to be healthy and stay nourished; Vitamin C and Vitamin E are some of those vitamins. They keep your skin cleansed by removing impurities from your skin and hence nourishing your skin inside out. It turns out that chives are a formidable source of Vitamin C and Vitamin E; also these have great anti-oxidant properties that enhance the reversal of negative effects of free radicals in the body.


Chives Helps To Treat Dry Skin

Chives can be used by making face-masks that can help you to treat the problem of dry skin. The puree of chives can be applied to the face as a face-mask and left for half an hour before washing it off. After doing that, you can apply a moisturizer that is not too harsh on your skin to have the kind of skin that is smooth and totally moisturized.


Chives Can Help In Strengthening Hair By Nourishing Hair Follicles

A strand of hair consists of two parts; the shaft ie the black part that is visible above the scalp, and the root which holds the strand at place. The root of a strand of hair is surrounded by a tube of tissues called follicles. These follicles are very crucial in maintaining the health of your health. Chives make sure that the scalp, and consequently the follicles get enough blood supply by increasing the blood flow in the head, which ultimately facilitates hair growth.


Chives Can Prevent Hair Loss

A person suffering from hair-loss not only undergoes a physical disorder of losing hair at an uncontrolled pace, but also endures enormous mental and psychological stress. Chives, it turns out, can significantly help in combating hair-loss. By applying fresh juice of a chive plant on your scalp, you can increase blood-flow in head which necessarily means that your scalp will have a better blood supply, which can prevent hair-loss and promote hair-growth.

hair loss

Chives Facilitate Better Digestion

Chives can significantly help in aiding the process of digestion. This is because chives are a great source of dietary fiber and hence can provide you considerable roughage to combat indigestion. Not only this, chives improve the functioning of the entire digestive system by getting rid of a number of germs, bacteria and fungi that hamper the process of digestion at one point or another.

Aids Digestion

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