15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Surinam Cherries

Health Benefits Of Eating Surinam Cherries

Surinam cherries, widely popular as Pitanga or Brazilian cherries, belongs to one of the species of myrtle family. These wonderful fruits possess wonderful flavor which is similar to the taste of mango. Traditionally, this fruit was used as a traditional medicine to treat various ailments. These cherries contain about 93% of water and lots of nutrients and vitamins. So, eating these nutritious fruit regularly helps you maintain good health.

Find Below Popular Health Benefits Of Eating Surinam Cherries Regularly:

Promotes Digestion

Fiber content and other nutrients in Surinam cherries promote smooth digestion. Eating these cherries help treat diarrhea and prevent gastro-intestinal problems to a great extent.

Improves Digestion (2)

Cure Cold And Cough

Astringent properties of Surinam cherries help minimize cough and cold. Consumption of the fruit while you are down with the fever resulting due to cold helps you have a great relief from the cold and cough and treats fever effectively.

Colds And Flu

Boosts Immunity

Abundance of antioxidants in Surinam cherries help neutralizes free radicals and prevents cell and tissue damage. Antioxidant content of the fruit strengthens your immunity, prevent oxidative stress, and safeguard your organs from potential damage due to radical activity.

Increases Immunity

Aids Functioning Of Lungs

Eating nutritious Surinam cherries helps promote smooth functioning of your lungs. It prevents abnormal functioning of your lungs and lungs’ infection effectively.

Cures Lungs Problem

Supports Pulmonary Functions

Surinam cherries promote smooth functioning of pulmonary artery and help you have a healthy heart.

Weight Management

Surinam cherries contain low amount of calories. Just one cup of cherries contains about five calories. So eating these cherries help you regulate your weight and prevents you gaining excess of weight.

Faulty weight loss programs

Prevents Infections

Antifungal, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties of Surinam cherries help prevent the risk of development and expansion of harmful infections. The fruit inhibits the microbial activity effectively and protects you effectively.

Fungal infections (2)

Heals Wounds

Antiseptic properties of Surinam cherries help quick healing of your injuries and wounds. Also, consumption of the fruit protects your skin from several harmful skin disorders.


Delays Aging

High amounts of antioxidants in Surinam cherries help delay signs of aging to a great extent. Eating this fruit regularly help prevents early onset of wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, dark patches, and other aging symptoms effectively.


Increases Hemoglobin Count

High levels of vitamin C content and good amount of iron present in Surinam cherries help increase the formation of red blood cells and boost your hemoglobin count. Eating these cherries helps prevent the symptoms of anemia, such as dizziness and fatigue.


Improves Appetite

Surinam cherry is known to contain ample of Vitamin B complex which helps increase your appetite. Also, vitamin B complex also improves the functioning of your various body organs and helps you enjoy good health substantially.

Improves Appetite

Mitigates Joint Pain

Anti-inflammatory benefits of Surinam cherish helps minimize joint pain effectively. Also, consumption of this fruit helps alleviate muscular pain significantly.

Relieve Joint Pain

Cures Insomnia

Eating nutritious Surinam cherries help treat insomnia effectively. This fruit helps treat sleep disorders and promote continuous, sound sleep.

Treats Insomnia

Healthy Hairs

Minerals and antioxidant content in the Surinam cherries help you have healthy and strong hair. Consumption of this nutritious fruit helps you flaunt beautiful, long hair.

hair care

Safeguards From Cancer

Anti-cancerous properties of Surinam cherries help protect you from the risk of development of deadly cancer. This anti-oxidant rich fruit inhibits the growth of cancerous cells and tumors significantly.


Now that you know prominent health benefits of eating Surinam cherries, make it a point to add it to your regular diet and stay fit and active.

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