5 Health Hazard Of Stress That You Should Know About

There is no human who is not stressed out. It is one of the many emotions of life. However, it is also one of the emotions that add least value addition to your life. Stress is a burden- you sometimes cannot forgo this emotion. The results are a direct impact on your health both physically and emotionally. Stress occurs due to a number of factors and each body type corresponds differently to the stress levels. However, having stress is a big no for your health. Stress is not an illness or an ailment but it can directly make your body undergo some changes that can be disastrous for your health. Having stress is not the issue. The trouble begins when it goes out of hand and starts to wreak havoc. Let us take a peek and some of the ways by which stress hampers your health.

Here Are The 5 Health Hazard of Stress That You Should Know About:

1. Headaches

Ever wondered why stressed out people first tend to hold their heads in the first place? The reason is stress affects your brain first and can cause a headache. It tenses up your muscle and such prolonged periods can even lead to severe migraines. The heaviness in the head can take a physical toll on your body if left untreated for longer durations. The pain in the head may gradually extend to your eyes and neck portions. Stress related headaches are extremely dangerous and they do not diminish with painkillers and medications. Keep your stress levels always under control. Take breaks in your routine to give your mind some breathing space.


2. Sleep Cycle

There is a saying that the stress should never be taken to bed. It can severely affect your sleep quality and can lead to sleep disturbances. Sleep is a break we get in our lives where we tend to recharge our batteries. This recharging phase should be as calm and peaceful as possible. Stress, however, disturbs this pattern. Disturbance to your sleep cycle can make you agitated the next day and this directly reflects on the quality of your work. Furthermore, it can hamper your physical and emotional well-being. Prolonged stress can also lead to a condition called as sleep apnea. Never try to be stressed out before your sleep. Refrain from doing any work or any physical activity a good 20 minutes before you hit the bed. Listen to a soothing music or read your favorite book and gradually let go of the stress that has been bothering you. Relax as much as possible before you hit the bed.

3. Obesity

One of the common misconceptions people have while stressed out is that if they eat more their stress levels would reduce. This is entirely inaccurate as per the health experts. It is true that under stress your body releases a hormone called as cortisol that makes you eat more. This has a direct impact on your weight and can make you obese. Stress also alters your metabolism levels and the way your body produces energy. Your body tends to store more fat by this change and this induces weight gain. Try to keep away from foods whenever you are stressed out or in case you have the urge to eat go for healthy snacks like fruits and fresh vegetables. Try to cook on your own using various interesting recipes to get clear of the mundane food. Altogether, whenever you are stressed out make a conscious effort on what you eat.

4. Hair Loss

While this may look comical, but the fact remains that stress has a direct impact on your hair follicles and how they grow. A stressful event can send imbalances to your hair follicles making them weak and prone to damage. The result is hair loss. In some extreme cases, people do pull out their hair when they are under those circumstances. Anxiety, apprehensions and constant worry – all have the same impact of stress in your scalp and can lead to such hair loss conditions. It is a body’s defense mechanism for any stress related issues and experts suggest that once the stressed out phase goes away your hair condition comes back to normalcy.

5. Impairs Your Heart

Stress and heart never go hand in hand and they are simply appalling to your cardiovascular structure. It phenomenally enlarges the chances of heart ailments and attacks. Stress makes your heart beat faster and as a result, the pressure gets built up in your arteries leading to a spike in blood pressure levels. Stress also spoils your heart muscles. The health of your heart depends on a number of factor and stress makes you indulge in a lifestyle that is self-damaging. From smoking to drinking- stress triggers everything which is not good for your heart. Make sure that you go for regular checkups during your stressed out periods and refrain from unhealthy habits that can damage your heart.

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