5 Effective Home Remedies For Scoliosis

ScoliosisScoliosis is a deformity of the spine, the bony structure which imparts the erect structure to the human body. Normally you have an erect spine made of a number of vertebrae. In scoliosis the spine gets curved and deformed in the shape of a C or an S.

This results in restricted physical activities, pressure on the heart, and progressively diminishing capacity of the lungs. There is often an increase the muscle prominence at one side of the spine and hips, arms and leg lengths become uneven. Scoliosis may be secondary to neuromuscular disease. It may also be acquired from birth. Whatever be the reason there are very few remedies for scoliosis.

In fact this malady can be managed and not completely cured. Surgery is the most successful cure for scoliosis however for lesser degree of bend physiotherapy, bracing and casting may be resorted too. There are even some home remedies for scoliosis which can put a stop to the progress of the disease or even achieve a bit of straightening. Let us explore some of these.

Home Remedies For Scoliosis

Nuts, Seeds, Oysters

It has been seen that people with high degree of scoliosis have high level of osteopontin, a type of cytokine. Osteopontin has been found to be responsible for leading remodeling of bone.

Selenium food

So selenium deficiency can be one of the causes for your scoliosis. Therefore before your scoliosis gets worse start taking selenium rich foods. This will reduce the amount of osteopontin and that will put a brake on the remodeling and deformation of your spine. Nuts, sunflower seeds, oysters etc have plenty of selenium.


Exercise can help you to relieve the pain and arrest the decline in health to some extent. It also prevents the bend from getting worse. However, the pattern of your scoliosis may be different from that of someone else.


Owing to this the type of exercise varies from one patient to another. You should take the advice of your physician regarding the exercise that you need to practice.

Cleanse The Showerhead

It has been seen that microorganisms like mycobacterium are responsible for driving up the level of osteopontin which in turn leads to more deformity of the spine.

Cleanse the showerhead

If you clean the shower head frequently mycobacterium will not be able to take refuge there. This will save you from the daily onslaught of this bacteria while you are bathing.


The traditional Indian art of well being has been found to be quite effective in halting as well as reversing the effects of scoliosis.

Cobra Pose

Some poses of yoga that have been found to be quite beneficial for scoliosis patients are the triangle pose, the child’s pose, the cobra pose etc. However, you should practice these poses under the strict guidance of an experienced yoga teacher.

Do Away With The Fish Tank

It has been seen that prolonged exposure to standing water can exacerbate the mycobacterium count which can aggravate the osteopontin level. Higher levels of osteopontin has been found to aggravate scoliosis. So it is better to do away with the fish tank at home.

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