5 Amazing Herbal Remedies For Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy Metal PoisoningHeavy metal poisoning has been posing an ever increasing threat on human health. Heavy metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic has been increasing in the environment. Be it the water you drink, the preservatives used in foods to increase shelf life, the antacid you take to fight acidity, the coffee or tea you take to refresh yourself, or the vaccines that you inoculate your child with all contain heavy metals in some form or the other.

The environment is literally littered with traces of heavy metals. These metals can accumulate in the soft tissues such as bones, brain, central nervous system and even your hair. Traces of these metals accumulating over a long term can build up to dangerous proportions, and give rise to several maladies.

Different heavy metals can cause different symptoms. Aluminum poisoning can cause cognitive problems, learning disabilities etc. Cadmium poisoning can lead to fatigue, irritability and high blood pressure. Lead has been found to be responsible for poor bone growth, weight loss, increased susceptibility to infection etc. Mercury poisoning can cause gastrointestinal disorders, reduced immune power.

The treatment for diseases caused by heavy metal poisoning is elimination of these metals coupled with symptomatic treatment. To eliminate the metals you should try to detoxify the body by eating fresh fruits, whole grains etc. Along with these you can take the help of herbs. There are a lot of herbs in the nature that can help you to eliminate these metals quite effectively by way of chelation. Let us explore some herbal remedies for heavy metal poisoning.

Herbal Remedies For Heavy Metal Poisoning

Milk Thistle

Your liver is your storehouse of energy. For detoxification of the body the liver needs to be kept in fine tune. Milk thistle is known for its protective action on the liver. The antioxidant character of milk thistle helps in the regeneration of liver cells and thereby averts the degeneration of liver from toxic heavy metals.

Milk Thistle

It also increases the bile flow thereby helping in the digestion process. You can take one teaspoon of ground milk thistle seeds four times a day regularly.

Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is known for its high antioxidant character. This helps in fighting the free radicals due to presence of heavy metals and prevents mutation of cells. You can have two cups of green tea regularly to ward off the dangers from heavy metal poisoning.



This herb is another great support for your liver. To keep the liver in healthy condition you can take Dandelion root daily. This will detoxify the liver and help in removing the heavy metal compounds embedded in soft tissues.


This is a herb from the parsley family. It has been found to remove mercury, lead as well as aluminum successfully through the urine.


Cilantro is able to bind heavy metal and remove mercury from spinal cord and brain. You can take cilantro extract that is available over the counter.


This is an algae with chelating properties. It has been clinically found that chlorella can absorb heavy metals and remove them from the body. Chlorella extract is available in local drugstores.

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