3 Yoga Posture For Prostate Problems

The prostate gland is a small chestnut shaped gland that lies beneath the bladder and surrounds the initial part of the urethra. It is a secondary sex organ that secretes an alkaline fluid. This fluid forms the bulk of the seminal fluid and helps in sperm mobility. However, prostate problems like inflammation, infection or enlargement are quite common.

Doctors explain that owing to the intricate anatomy of the male reproductive organ, the prescribed medicine may not always work efficiently to cure prostate problems. Yoga experts guarantee that by following certain Yoga postures you can eliminate such problems because the treatment is completely internal and needs no external assistance.

Treat Prostate Problems with Yoga

1. Biparitkarani Mudra

This particular posture improves the health of the prostate glands by stimulating the nerves and muscles of the sexual glands. Lie down on your back. Your head should touch the ground. Do not rest the head on any pillow or cushion. Your hands should be rested on the ground as well.Now slowly lift your legs high. Lift them higher and higher till your buttocks are off the ground.

Use your palms to hold your buttocks in the air. Your legs should be at 90 degrees to the ground. Only your head and shoulder region should be on the ground while the rest of the body should be in air. Hold the position for 2 minutes. If you’re unable to hold for long, do not worry, with regular practice the time will increase.Bring back your legs to the ground and relax.

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2. Janusirasana

This posture benefits the body in a number of ways but is extremely important to improve the health of the abdomen region. It help increase blood flow to the prostate glands and removes accumulated toxins from the gland.Sit with your legs stretched in the front. Fold your left leg such that your left heel touches the area in-between the legs (called YONIMANDAL in yogic language).

Now look towards your right toes, bend your body slowly and touch the toes with both your hands while breathing out. Bend as far as you can and make sure your forehead touched the knees. At first you may not accomplish this but you’ll get better with practice. Stay in that position for 5-7 seconds and then return to original position while breathing in. Do this at least 2-4 times.

3. Sahaj Agnisaar

This yoga posture increases blood flow to the pelvic region. Experts believe that increased blood flow flushes out toxins and kills microbes thereby eliminating infection from the prostate gland. Enlargement of the gland can also be reduced by regularly practicing this posture. Sit with the legs folded. Now put your hands on your waist such that the hands sit comfortable on the curve present on the waist region.

Stretch out the palm over your stomach region such that the tips of the middle fingers of both the palms touch each other over the navel. Now using some pressure press in the navel region with the palms trying to push it as far back as you can towards the vertebra. If you have fat in the stomach region you will find this difficult. However, push as far back as you can. As soon as you see that you can push back no further, release the pressure and do it again. Repeat 40 times daily.

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