3 Ways To Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscle And Avoid Injury

3 Ways To Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscle And Avoid InjuryFor having a good physique, you need to have a strong lower back. Our lower back comprises of one of the most important muscle groups that plays a big role in stabilizing our body. Lower back exercises can help to strengthen and thicken the lower back muscles and achieve an ultimate physique that many will envy.

However, with weak lower back, you cannot lift heavy weight and your lower back becomes susceptible to injury. Though lower back muscles are not very large, but for building strength in this area, it is extremely important to train these muscles.

Training The Lower Back Muscles

There are three best ways to thicken and strengthen lower back muscles without injuring the lower back. These include deadlifts, good mornings and hyperextensions. Avoiding injury is extremely important as injury can compel you to stay away from lifting weights permanently.


Deadlift is undoubtedly the most important exercise for building strength and targeting spinal erector muscles of lower back region for quick muscle growth. In addition to lower back, deadlifting also hits other muscles group like upper back, quadriceps, thighs and hamstrings. Use of proper technique is extremely necessary while performing deadlift to avoid injury.

Strengthen Your Lower Back Muscle And Avoid Injury

Keep your lower back fully arched while bending forward instead of rounding it. For having strong grip on the bar, use chalk or wrist strap. Stand up and place the bar above the center of the feet, grab the bar overhand, bend your knees until your shins hits the bar and your shoulder blades are directly over the bar.

Lift your chest without squeezing the shoulder blades. Pull up by keeping the bar close to your body and rolling over your knees and thighs till you get your hips and knees locked without leaning back at the top. For lowering the bar, first push your hips back and then bend the knees. Repeat again.

Good Morning

Another exercise which is very effective for strengthening the lower back is good morning. To perform this exercise, stand up and bend your knees slightly; hold the barbells on the upper back, keeping the lower back tight and arched, and push your butt back until you feel maximum stretch on your hamstring. Six to ten reps can be done.


Hyperextension is another important lower back exercise for thickening and strengthening lower back quickly. There are special flat benches available to perform hyperextension appropriately. Lie on the bench with your face down and support your hips. Avoid rounding of the lower back while doing hyperextensions. Hook your feet under the bar to stabilize the lower body.

Lower Back Muscle And Avoid Injury

Hang down your upper body from the forward end of the bench. Keep your knees slightly bent while performing hyperextension. Lower yourself as much as possible and using your head, curl your chest up and back to put pressure on the lower back muscles. Repeat for 8-10 times.

Important Tips

Don’t overdo the above lower back exercises. The best lower back exercises are those which help you to gradually strengthen your back without causing any injury. Your primary goal should be injury prevention and then building muscle mass.

Back injury is very common amongst people performing lower back workout. Use above mentioned strategies properly while performing lower back exercise and soon you will find your lower back muscles growing stronger and thicker.

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