3 Ways In Which Washing Hands Can Help You To Fight Cold And Flu

Washing Hands Can Help You To Fight Cold and Flu

As kids, you would have had long lectures from your elders times about how you should wash your hands before having a meal, how you should wash your hands even after having a meal, and even when you are not going to eat at all! You should keep your hands clean all the time.

As it turns out, there is a lot of validity in this advice. Washing your hands properly and keeping them clean really helps to keep a lot of diseases at bay, especially diseases like cold and flu.

Given Below Are Three Ways In Which Washing Hands Helps To Fight Cold And Flu:

1. Washing Hands Helps To Remove Existing Germs On Your Hands

You may not realize it, but there are a lot of germs almost everywhere. The door knob of your office (or classroom), the faucet of the restroom, even the screen of your smartphone houses thousands of tiny germs. Since you regularly get in contact of these things, you invariably end up getting some germs onto your hands too. But when you wash your hands regularly, you get rid of the existent germs on your hands and hence protect yourself from the germs which were already on your hands.

Washing Hands helps to remove existing germs on your hands

2. Washing Hands Prevents New Germs From Entering Your Body

As we saw above, there are some germs which are sometimes already present on your hands and washing hands helps to get rid of them. Not only this, there are high chances that cold and flu-causing germs get onto your body through direct or indirect methods from an infected person. Therefore washing your hands means that even if new germs are there on your hands, they don’t get a chance to stay on the surface of your body and infect you. In fact, the practice of washing hands actually gets rid of unwanted bacteria and germs that sit on the surface of hands. Also, if you are suffering from cold or flu yourself, then washing your hands will help to keep them free of germs and therefore would not affect other people.

Washing Hands prevents new germs from entering your body

3. Cleaning Hands Regularly And Properly Makes A Shield Around You

Since cleaning your hands provides a shield against the germs that cause flu or cold, you need to make sure that you wash your hands properly and regularly. You need to rub your hands together for atleast 20 seconds after applying soap water and then dry them properly with a towel or a dryer.

Cleaning hands regularly and properly makes a shield around you

Therefore, cleaning your hands makes sure that there are no germs on your hands and thus makes a shield around you that protects you from all the germs which can potentially cause cold or flu.

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