16 Wonderful Health Benefits Of Milk

Health Benefits Of Milk

A glass of milk everyday for breakfast is something that most of us have followed since our childhood. But it is not just nutritious and healthy; milk has several health benefits which are useful for our body and skin.

Listed Below Are The Wonderful Health Benefits Of Skin:

1. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Milk has calcium, potassium and magnesium which are believed to contribute in keeping the blood pressure normal.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

2. Good For Cardiovascular System

Calcium in milk is found to decrease the bad cholesterol and maintain a good amount of good cholesterol. It also helps prevent the increase in the levels of fat in the blood.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

3. Good For The Teeth

Calcium in milk is very good for keeping the teeth healthy and strong.

Whiten Your Teeth

4. Reduces Acidity

A glass of cold milk is very useful in reducing acidity. Milk is known to give relief from heartburn.

Helps Balance Acidity

5. Keeps The Body Hydrated

Milk is a liquid rich in water and therefore drinking milk helps rehydrate the body and keeps it rejuvenated.

drinking milk

6. Good For The Bones

Milk has calcium which is very important for bone health. It also has vitamin D which helps in the absorption of calcium. Vitamin D also helps in bone repair.Milk helps prevent osteoporosis.


7. Helps Fight Cancer

It is believed that deficiency of vitamin D can lead to colorectal cancer.Milk is rich in vitamin D and is therefore considered to be useful in preventing colorectal cancer. According to certain studies calcium and lactose in milk also helps prevent ovarian cancer.

Prevents Cancer

8. Helps Fight Depression

The vitamin D in milk helps in formation of serotonin which in turn acts as a mood booster and helps fight depression .It is also known to induce sleep.


9. Good For The Eyes

Milk has vitamins A and B which are good for the eyes. Milk helps improve eyesight and also prevent macular degeneration.


10. Helps Control Type 2 Diabetes

The calcium, magnesium and the low glycemic index of low fat milk products helps in controlling the blood glucose levels and thus helps against type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes and cholesterol

11. Good For The Respiratory System

A hot glass of milk can do wonders for the respiratory system. It is good for a sore throat and also useful against cold. Everyone knows the wonderful effect of turmeric mixed with warm milk.

Cough & Respiratory Problems

12. Helps Boost Fertility

It has been found that consuming whole milk daily helps reduce ovulation problems in women and improves fertility.


13. Helps In Weight Maintenance

The high amount of protein in milk helps in maintaining the lean muscle mass and helps to control weight.

Faulty weight loss programs

14. Good For The Skin

Milk is a very good cleansing and moisturizing means .It is therefore widely used as a skin cleanser and it helps to keep the pores open and free from dirt and grime and also as moisturizing agent which helps to keep the skin soft and beautiful.

Skin Moisturizing Recipe

15. Helps Against Premenstrual Symptoms

The large amount calcium in milk helps women get relief from premenstrual symptoms and cramps.

16. Useful Against Migraine

Calcium in milk also acts as a analgesic and gives relief from headaches and migraine.

Removes Migraines and Headaches

So gulp down this glass of wholesome food and enjoy a life full of health and vigor.

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