15 Super Health Benefits Of Black Eye Peas

Health Benefits Of Black Eye Peas

One of the most common legumes had by most of us is black eye peas also known as chawli or lobiya in India. Black eye peas have their roots in North Africa and were also consumed by the Greeks and Romans. It is usually available in the dried forms though canned and frozen varieties are also used by some people. Black eye peas or cow peas not only make delicious curries and soups they also have several health benefits which makes it a very healthy food option.

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Black Eye Peas Are As Follows:

1. Good For The Digestive System:

The high fiber content of black eye peas keeps the digestive system healthy. It also results in good bowel movement and helps keep away the problem of constipation.

Good For The Digestive System

2. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure:

Black eye peas contain large amounts of potassium and less of sodium. Potassium is known to help keep blood pressure under control. Therefore cow peas are a healthy food option for blood pressure patients.

Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

3. Prevents Anemia:

We all know that deficiency in iron in blood results in anemia which can lead to fatigue. Black eye peas are a rich source of iron .Thus they prevent anemia.

Prevents Anemia

4. Good Protein Source For Vegetarians:

Proteins are essential because they provide energy, help in cell formation, help the cells overcome wear and tear and keep muscles, skin, hair etc healthy. Meat is one of the best sources of protein. But if you follow a strict vegetarian diet then it is advisable to include black eye peas in your daily diet as they are a rich source of protein.

5. Helps In Losing Weight:

The high fiber content of black eye peas keeps the stomach full for a longer time. They have very less calories and fats as well. Therefore they can be included in your diet if you are planning to loose weight. Make sure you have it in baked or boiled form and not in the form of curries which may have high oil content.

Helps In Losing Weight

6. Controls The Cholesterol Level:

Black eye peas contain soluble fiber. This fiber does not let the cholesterol be absorbed in the blood and thereby keeps a check on the cholesterol levels. Balanced cholesterol will eventually lead to a healthy heart.

Controls The Cholesterol Level

7. Controls Type 2 Diabetes:

The advantage of the soluble fiber in black eye peas is that it does not allow the blood glucose levels to steep up after meals .Therefore it is beneficial for patients suffering from type 2 diabetes.Black eye peas have low glycemic index.

Controls Type 2 Diabetes

8. Very Good For Pregnant Women:

Black eye peas are a very good source of folate.Folates are of vital importance for women who wish to conceive or who are already pregnant.Folates prevent congenital defects in the fetus.

Very Good For Pregnant Women

9. Keeps Bones And Muscles Healthy:

The large amount of potassium is very important to keep the bones and muscles in good shape.

Keeps Bones And Muscles Healthy

10. Good For The Eyes:

Black eye peas have large amounts of beta carotene which gets converted to vitamin A which we all know is very important for good eyesight.

Good For The Eyes

11. Good For The Urinary Bladder:

Black eye peas are believed to solve urination problems and hence considered to be good for the urinary bladder.

12. Improves Immunity:

The presence of anti oxidants in black eye peas help remove the toxic substances from the body and improve the body’s immunity thereby increasing its capability to ward off infections.

Improves Immunity

13. Good For The Skin:

The anti oxidants in the black eye peas keep the skin healthy by preventing skin damage and they also help in repairing damaged skin.

Good For The Skin

14. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer:

The anti oxidants and flavanoids prevent the development of cancerous cells thereby reducing the risk of cancer especially colon cancer.

Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

15. Contains Manganese:

Manganese though required in small quantities has the important functions of helping in the metabolisation of carbohydrates and proteins .It also protects the internal structure of energy producing cells. Black eye peas contain manganese.

Contains Manganese

So next time you indulge yourself into a bowl of delicious black eye peas remember it is not just god to taste it is also extremely good for a healthy body.

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