15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit

Passion fruit which grows on a creeper is widely cultivated in places with tropical and sub tropical climate. It is believed to have come from Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay but today it is the fruit basket of people across the world. It is usually purple or golden yellow on the outside and inside is a yellow juicy pulp with several seeds. This fruit with a sweet and sharp but flavorful taste has enormous health benefits.

Some Of The Health Benefits Of Passion Fruit Are As Follows :

1. Good For The Digestive System:

Passion fruit has high amount of dietary fiber and is also high on water content .This is beneficial for the digestive tract. It also promotes the secretion of digestive juices which perks up digestion. It also improves bowel movement and gives relief from constipation. It is a bulk laxative and does not allow toxic substances to remain in the colon for a longer time and hence acts as a bulk laxative.

Good For The Digestive System

2. Beneficial For The Cardiovascular System:

Passion fruit has no cholesterol and minimum fats. It has fibers which help increase good cholesterol and lessen the bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is the cause of formation of layers on the inner lining of the blood vessels which obstructs the blood flow and leads to stroke and heart attack .Passion fruit thereby promotes cardiovascular health. The antioxidants in passion fruit also act as cleansing agents and remove cholesterol layers on the inner lining of the blood vessels.

Beneficial For The Cardiovascular System

3. Beneficial for the Nervous System:

The alkaloids and phytonutrients in passion fruit have a calming effect on the nerves and also act as tranquilizers. Passion fruit can therefore be used for insomnia, anxiety and depression patients.

Beneficial for the Nervous System

4. Good for the Skin:

Passion fruit has high water content which keeps the skin hydrated. It has several minerals and vitamin A and C which keep the skin young and glowing and prevent premature ageing of skin. It keeps the skin healthy and glowing naturally.

Good for the Skin

5. Good for the hair:

Passion fruit is loaded with minerals like copper and potassium and important vitamins like Vitamin A, B and C.All of these give improved blood circulation to the scalp resulting in healthy hair. They promote the growth of long healthy and beautiful hair.

Good for the hair

6. Helps in Weight Reduction:

Passion Fruit is low in fats and high in fiber content. It has no cholesterol and high water content and hence is perfect for weight reduction in a delicious way.

Helps in Weight Reduction

7. Prevents Piles:

Passion fruit is a bulk laxative and has high water content. It thereby makes the stools softer and thus prevents the occurrence of piles which normally occur due to hard stools. It protects the anus against inflammation.

Prevents Piles

8. Protects Against Cancer:

The large amounts of antioxidants in the form of vitamin A and C and plenty of flavanoids in passion fruit protects the body against cancer cells formation. It has been found that passion fruit can eliminate cancerous cells.

Protects Against Cancer

9. Controls Blood Pressure:

Passion fruit contains potassium in large amount. Potassium helps regulate the blood pressure by maintaining electrolyte balance. Sodium is known to cause high blood pressure. . Passion fruit hardly any sodium.

Controls Blood Pressure

10. Beneficial For The Eyes:

Passion fruit has beta carotene which ultimately gets converted to vitamin A which is of utmost importance for improving vision. The anti oxidants are also known to protect the mucous membrane of the eyes.

Beneficial For The Eyes

11. Improves Hemoglobin In The Blood:

Passion fruit has large amount of iron which is essential for maintaining healthy hemoglobin levels in the blood. It also has ample amount of vitamin C which helps in the absorption of iron in the body.

Improves Hemoglobin In The Blood

12. Improves The Immunity Of The Body:

Presence of vitamin A, vitamin C, Xanthin etc improves the body’s immune power as a result the body can put up a brave fight against infections.

Improves The Immunity Of The Body

13. Boon For Respiratory System:

It has been found that the peel of the purple passion fruit has several flavanoids which have a positive effect on the respiratory system and reduces the incidence of asthma and even whooping cough.

Boon For Respiratory System

14. Good for the Bones:

Passion fruit has magnesium, phosphorous, iron and copper which make the bone stronger. They help in preventing the symptoms of osteoporosis and inflammation as a result of deterioration of the bones.

Good for the Bones

15. Acts As A Coolant:

Passion fruit juice has a cooling effect on the body .Besides its natural sugars and carbohydrates help overcome fatigue and tiredness.

Passion fruit juice

Therefore passion fruit is a wonderful fruit with amazing health benefits and its regular consumption will definitely have a positive impact on your health.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.