15 Health Benefits Of Wild Rice

Health Benefits Of Wild Rice

Wild rice is generally the seed of a marsh grass which is the semi aquatic. This rice is an unpolished and unprocessed whole grain whose nutritional value is much better than any other grains that are mostly consumed. This makes a very good choice for a healthy balanced diet. Most people try to avoid the white rice when they try to lose their weight and remain healthy and stay fit.

Here Are 15 Health Benefits Of Consuming Wild Rice:

Great For Skin And Hair

This rice is the richest source in vitamin. It comprises of various kinds of vitamins like vitamin A, B, C, D, E. It also comprises of vitamin B6 as well as vitamin B12 in sufficient amounts. The rich vitamin content makes wild rice excellent for hair growth and skin.

Great for Skin and Hair

Controls Anemia

Wild rice contains many minerals which are necessary for good health. Studies shows that one cup of this rice contains 166 mg. of potassium, 134 mg. of phosphorus and 52 mg. of magnesium. It also contains the daily requirements such as iron, manganese and zinc respectively that help in controlling anemia.


Reduce Stress

It has awesome antioxidant properties that helps in reducing free radicals from the body and keeps the oxidative stress away. The qualities of this rice are very strong that helps to avert premature aging and a huge number of other diseases.


Protects Heart

Wild rice has 5 mg. of sodium which helps to keep the blood pressure in control and further reduce the risk of developing any fatal heart diseases. Due to no presence of cholesterol, it helps to lower the levels of cholesterol and lipid measures in the body.

Heart health

Reduces Diabetes

Wild rice belongs to grass family that produce edible grains along with less sugar. Therefore, when these rice grains are taken, these do not cause any spikes in the sugar levels in bloodstream. Person suffering from diabetes mellitus must eat this rice in very small quantities.


Weight Loss

Wild rice is a food having low Glycemic Index (GI) and huge amounts of complex carbohydrates. It shows that a single cup of serving of cooked wild rice helps in yielding 166 calories that are great to maintain a healthy body weight.

Faulty weight loss programs

Perfect Diet

The diet of a bodybuilder must consists of complex carbohydrates and tons of proteins in order to remain energetic throughout the day. Moreover, this is a cereal grain rich in protein and hence is a perfect choice for any bodybuilders.


Boosts Immune System

Boosting the immune system is the best way in increasing the overall health. The best way to achieve is with vitamin C. This helps in stimulating the production of white blood cells in the body.

Immune System

Bone Strength

Wild rice provides a great amount of phosphorous as well as zinc that are important to maintain the bone mineral density as well as ensuring joints and bones. Consume wild rice daily to reduce the aches in the body and helps to keep the strength up.

Boost Bone Health


Wild rice comprises 30 times more amount of antioxidants than white rice. Antioxidants helps in neutralizing the free radicals. This even includes the free radicals which gets accumulated in the skin and thus contribute to aging like wrinkles, healing of blemishes and age spots.


Chronic Disease

The antioxidants present in wild rice lowers the risks of chronic disease such as heart disorders, types of cancer and even diabetes. This is caused due to the same free radicals that was mentioned before.

Chronic Disease

Growth And Repair

The protein content present in the wild rice is good to increase the muscle mass, balanced development and proper growth in the body. Hence sufficient proteins are needed for the body and wild rice is the best option in achieving so.

Growth And Repair

Birth Defects

This rice has certain vitamins such as vitamin B6 and it helps in reducing the neural tube defects among the newborn infants. Wild rice must be added in the diet of the expectant mothers for the health benefits.

Birth Defects

Improves Digestion

Wild rice has proper amount of dietary fiber. This helps to optimize the cholesterol balance in the body as well as improves the digestive system. Dietary fiber helps in eliminating diarrhea, constipation, cramping, bloating as well as excess flatulence and some gastrointestinal concerns.

Improves Digestion (2)

Provides Nutrition

Wild rice consists of huge amount of carbohydrates, dietary fibers and proteins with less quantity of fat. Wild rice contains huge amount of needed amino acids like methionine as well as lysine. Moreover, the quantity of protein present in one cup of wild rice is double than brown rice. Presence of fat is very low in wild rice.

Provides Nutrition

Wild rice must be consumed in sufficient amount along with the other foods. Moreover, wild rice does not contain nitric oxide as compared to white rice.

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