15 Benefits Of Millets For Skin, Hair And Health

Benefits Of Millets For Skin, Hair And Health

One of the most important cereal which are consumed around the world, millets are grains which are extremely high on the nutrient content. Some of the skin, hair and health benefits of millets are discussed as below.

Here Are The 15 Benefits Of Millets For Skin, Hair And Health:

Prevents Hair Loss

Hairs are substantially composed of proteins also known as keratin which is responsible for the composition of each of the hair strands in humans. Millets are extremely beneficial in this regard due to the fact that it is loaded with proteins which helps strengthen the hair manes along with making them less prone to breakage too! Apart from this, the hair loss due to increased cortisol levels in the body is easily handled by the magnesium content in the millets as well.

Hair loss (2)

Prevents Premature Graying Of Hair

Due to the presence of antioxidants in millets, they are pretty effective in preventing the corrosion of tissues which in turn decreases the chances of premature graying of hairs in the long run!

gray hair

Used In Treating Hair Issues

Millets are rich in the element known as magnesium which helps in treating issues such as psoriasis, eczema and dandruff due to the fact that it reduces the inflammation in the scalp region. Apart from this, millets are also known to be beneficial in treating premature balding too.

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Reduces The Ageing Process

Millets are rich in antioxidant content which are pretty effective in alleviating stress and neutralizing the free radicals in the body which helps in preventing the ageing of skin in the long run! Apart from this, millets help in rejuvenating the skin cells and the presence of ubiquinone in them is used as an ingredient to make beauty products which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles on the face as well.


Improves The Texture And Elasticity Of Skin

Millet is also great for the skin cells due to the fact that it si loaded with amino acids such as L- proline and L- lysine which are responsible for the creation of collagen in the body and also gives structure to the skin. Thus consuming millets effectively improves the elasticity of the skin and makes them look vibrant and young.

Skin Elasticity

Prevents Sun Damage

The presence of substances such as vitamin C, vitamin E and Selenium in millets helps in preventing skin damage via the harsh sun rays and also prevents the occurrence of skin cancer too! Thus consumption of millets are directly associated with the reduction in the symptoms usually seen in sun damaged skin like lifeless and wrinkled skin texture!

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Prevents Heart Ailments

Consumption of millets in a huge quantity has been associated with a decrease in the triglyceride levels in the body which helps in thinning the blood and prevents the issues of blood platelet clumping. This entire phenomenon helps prevent coronary arterial issues and sun stroke in the long run!

Heart health

Protein Benefits Of Millets

Millets are a kind of food grain which is highly loaded with proteins which are capable of fulfilling the daily protein requirement of the body, somewhat better than the available animal sources too! This is due to the fact that millets are devoid of the unhealthy carbohydrates and extra saturated fats which the animal sources have to offer! The icing on the cake is in the fact that millets are non-gluten grains which are easy to digest than the gluten loaded other alternatives!

Protein Benefits Of Millets

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

The presence of magnesium in millets to a high level is known to have a relaxing effect on the muscles which line the arterial walls and thus is great in reducing the blood pressure in humans.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

Beneficial For The Diabetics

One of the great health benefits of millets lie in the fact that they are extremely low on the glycemic index and thus slows down digestion and helps in keeping blood sugar levels in check! Consumption of millets have also been seen to work well in people suffering from type I and type II diabetes as they increase the insulin sensitivity in the first instance and controls the sugar levels for the latter types.

Ideal For Diabetics

Promotes Muscle Gain

The high protein grain millets are loaded with an element called lysine, which is a kind of amino acid which effectively helps in slowing down muscle degradation and helps to build leaner muscles easily.

Swimming can help to improve muscle tone

Benefits For Lactating And Pregnant Women

Millet consumption has been seen to be a boon in disguise for lactating or pregnant women due to the fact that this increases the production of breast milk in them which helps them to feed their childs for longer.


Aids In Weight Loss

Due to the presence of tryptophan (an amino acid) in them, millets are helpful in weight management as it keeps the appetite in control. This grain takes time to digest in the stomach giving the feel of a fuller tummy for a bit longer and the fiber content helps in taking care of over binging, over eating issues too! Thus the ones looking to shed some kilos are advised to intake millets as a part of a major meal during the day.

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Great For Digestive Health

The great benefits of millets for digestive health lies in the fact that they are rich in fiber and are easily digested! Along with this, they possess great laxative properties which make them an excellent remedy for issues like constipation as well.

Treats Digestive Problems

Reduces Stress

Millets are also great in relieving stress due to the presence of tryptophan in them which increases the serotonin levels which helps in reducing the stress levels in the body.

Stress Management

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