15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Stevia

Amazing Health Benefits Of Stevia

Stevia is becoming very popular now a days. A lot of people have been replacing sugar by stevia for variety of health reasons. Stevia provides remarkable benefits for internal and external body. Most of the people consider stevia only as an alternative to sugar but it can also be used for healing various deadly ailments too. Stevia contains a very significant component called as Stevoside which acts as a strong medicinal herb. Stevia belongs to the family of sunflower and is popular by various names as sugar leaf, honey leaf and sweet leaf. This beneficial product can be easily found in the form of a well grinded powder and can be added in beverages, confectionaries, desserts and sweets. Stevia is approved by the FDA and is internally recognized herbal food product. It gives the same sweetness to your food items just like sugar. It is completely herbal and safe for your body. It does not produce any side effects even when consumed for a longer time. In this article we will tell you about fifteen amazing health benefits of stevia.

Here Are The 15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Stevia:

Cures Wounds

Stevia is a very beneficial herb in curing deep wounds and cuts. Its leaves are immensely helpful in not just healing wounds but also relieve one from the acute pain.


Heal Skin Problems

Stevia is believed to fasten the healing procedure and gives smooth, healthy and rejuvenated skin. Its leaves are also utilized for the effective treatment of chronic skin issues such as eczema and dermatitis.

Skin Itching

Natural Sweetening Agent

This is the commonest benefit of Stevia. It is a natural food and has a sweet flavour. Stevia is considered to be good for children too. It is a natural sweetening agent and can be cooked easily by adding into your favourite dishes such as sweets, pastries and cakes. Now you can eat sweet items to your heart’s content without being worried of the calories, fats and weight gain.


Remedy For Diabetes

Stevia is said to be very beneficial for people suffering with diabetes. It helps in secretion of insulin in order to combat diabetes. Stevia also contains steviosides that produces more amount of insulin in the body and is sweeter as compared to sugar.


Low In Calories

Stevia does not add more calories to the body. It is a magical product for all those who have a deep liking for sweet food and can’t live without it!

Control Sugar Levels In Blood

Stevia has chlorogenic acid that reduces the rate of absorption of glucose in your digestive tract. It helps in maintaining adequate levels of sugar in the blood.

Red blood cells

Anti-Bacterial Properties

Stevia is free from carbohydrate and restricts the development of bacteria in the mouth. It is considered helpful in curing oral infections effectively.

Good For Oral Health

Weight Management

It is also used as helpful dietary supplement, which leads to loss in weight in a person and controls adequate weight in a person.

Faulty weight loss programs

Enhances Production Of Calcium

Stevia is rich in calcium. This makes it beneficial for children as well as women at their menopause stage. Calcium is very essential for growing children, women and elderly people. Stevia helps in increasing the production of calcium and promotes healthy bones throughout the life.

Healthy Bones

Rich Source of Anti-Oxidants

Stevia is a storehouse of various useful antioxidants, phyto chemicals and sterols. All these elements help in saving one from the harmful effect of free radicals in the body.

Free Radicals

Boosts Immune System

Stevia is rich in antioxidants and various vital elements that make your immune system strong and healthy.

Immune System

Prevents Osteoporosis

Stevia is high in calcium and increases the strength, growth and density of bones. It is also very helpful for prevention of bone related disorders such as arthritis, osteoporosis etc.


Anti-ageing Properties

Due to high content of antioxidants, stevia is found to be effective in getting rid of the development of fine lines, wrinkles, patches, blemishes and marks on the skin due to ageing.

It worsens with age

Prevents Cavities

When this sweetener is used on a daily basis it also helps in prevention of gingivitis and cavities.

Whiten Your Teeth

Lessens Muscular Pain

Consumption of stevia on a regular basis helps in relieving pain, cramps, soreness and tightness in the muscles to a large extent.

Alleviates Menopause Pain

Stevia has become a common trend in health conscious people. They are getting aware of the harms of white sugar and chronic diseases it contributes. To save from varied types of diseases and enjoy a healthy body in old age too stevia is proved to be a very beneficial option for people who really care about their body. Choose stevia over white sugar in various types of sweet dishes and keep yourself fit and healthy.

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