15 Amazing Health Benefits Of Mulberries

Health Benefits Of Mulberries

Mulberries grow on the mulberry tree which is known as Morus Alba and this tree is mainly cultivated for its leaves which are food for silkworms. Mulberries are grown in the warm continents like Asia, Africa and North America. The fruit is sweet and sour in taste just like grapefruit and they are found in a variety of colors from red to black and even blue.

Mulberries Have An Array Of Health Benefits Some Of Which Are Listed Below:

1. Good For The Digestive System

Mulberries have lots of dietary fiber which is good for the digestive system. It improves bowel movement and helps keep digestive problems like constipation and gas away.

Good For The Digestive System

2. Good For Diabetics

Mulberries contain a compound known as 1-deoxynojirimycin which helps control the blood glucose levels by preventing the secretion of enzyme that breaks the carbohydrates.

Helps Against Cancer

3. Helps Against Cancer

Mulberries contain a phytonutrient called resveratrol which helps prevent cancer and also prevents growth of tumors.

Helps Against Cancer

4. Acts As Cleansing And Strengthening Agent

Mulberries help in cleansing the blood and the liver. They are known to strengthen the circulatory system and also the kidneys.They help prevent hepatitis.

Kidney disease

5. Good For The Heart

Mulberries help control the cholesterol levels in the blood and prevent the blockage of the blood vessels thereby preventing the occurrence of stroke and heart attacks. They contain anthocyanins which are good for the heart.

Heart health

6. Good For The Eyes

Mulberries contain vitamin A which is good for the eyes. Mulberries thus help improve eyesight and also prevent the deterioration of the retina.


7. Rich Source Of Iron

Mulberries are a rich source of iron. Therefore they help in preventing anemia. Iron also prevents complications in pregnancy.


8. Rich Source Of Riboflavin

Mulberries are a rich source of riboflavin which prevents any damage to the tissues. Mulberries therefore prevent premature ageing of skin. Riboflavin also helps convert food into energy.

It worsens with age

9. Rich Source Of Vitamin C

100 gms of mulberries contain 61 % of vitamin C .Vitamin C is essential for helping the body fight infections and diseases. Thus it helps improve the immunity of the body.

Immune System

10. Helps Control Blood Pressure

Mulberries are a rich source of potassium which helps in maintaining the electrolyte balance and helps maintain the blood pressure.

Helps Reduce Blood Pressure

11. Helps Fight Cold And Flu

The high concentrations of vitamin C and flavanoids in mulberries help fight cold and flu better.

Colds And Flu

12. Useful For Post Operative Patients

The anti inflammatory properties of mulberry juice help in post operative treatments. Mulberries speed up the healing process and also prevent infections.

Rich Source Of Iron

13. Good For The Hair

Mulberries not only strengthen the hair follicles and promote hair growth; they also help in melanin production thus preventing premature greying of hair. Regular consumption of mulberry juice is good for the hair.

hair care

14. Good For The Skin

Mulberries help in revitalizing the skin and help removes blemishes. It makes the skin soft and glowing and can be used effectively for dry and sensitive skin. Fresh mulberries have high water content and keep the skin hydrated.

Skin Moisturizing Recipe

15. Good For The Bones

Mulberries are rich source of calcium; iron and vitamin K.All of these are useful in maintaining health of the bone tissues. They help prevent osteoporosis and degradation of the bones due to age.


These beautiful colored berries are truly a boon to mankind and should definitely be a part of your diet if you want a healthy body.

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