13 Awesome Home Remedies For Leucorrhea

LeucorrheaAre thick odorous vaginal discharges bothering you? Understandably, Whites or Leucorrhea is one of the most uncomfortable health situations that you may have to face on a daily basis. After all, who can tolerate a moist and smelly vagina for long? All vaginal discharges are not unhealthy. Some of them are healthy, while others are pathogenic. The healthy discharges are generally thin, clear and odorless; while the pathogenic ones are thick, white or yellow, and foul-smelling. At times, they may also cause an itching or burning sensation in your vagina.

Pain in the calves, lethargy, constipation, weakness, headache, digestive problems, and under eye dark circles are some of the other symptoms of leucorrhea. Vaginal discharges may happen due to hormonal changes, nervousness, and sexual excitement. These causes are healthy. Unhealthy causes of vaginal discharge include vaginal infections and poor nutrition. Generally, vaginal hygiene helps in improving vaginal health and preventing vaginal discharges. Wash with vaginal washes regularly to keep the vagina free from infections. Apart from this, there are some wonderful home remedies available for treating leucorrhea.

Home Remedies For Leucorrhea


Banana is considered to be one of the most effective home remedies for leucorrhea. Banana has dis-infective properties and is helpful in relieving leucorrhea caused due to pathogenic microorganisms in the vagina.


Banana can be dipped in clarified butter, eaten in combination with a few drops of sandalwood oil, honey, or jaggery.  Consumption of one banana per day will yield good results.



Hydrotherapy refers to a cold water bath. It helps in relieving congestion in the vaginal region and rest of the pelvic region. Hydrotherapy yields best results when it is done on a daily basis.

Walnut Leaves

Instead of using artificially synthesized douches, using a natural and effective douche made from walnut leaves is recommended. The walnut leaves act like an astringent and they are very effective in healing infections.

Walnut Leaves

Hence, they are effective in addressing leucorrhea in women. To prepare the douche, boil a few walnut leaves in water for 20 minutes. Strain the liquid and preserve it. Apply it on the vagina with a clean and sterilized cotton swab. Apply it 2-3 times a day for maximum effectiveness.

Amaranth Root Decoction

Amaranth root decoction can be drunk daily to relieve yourself of leucorrhea. This is because amaranth has antibacterial properties, especially in healing infections of the reproductive organs.

The amaranth root can be ground and boiled with water to make a medicinal drink which can be consumed twice daily for effectiveness.


General exercise and exercise of the organs of the vaginal region specifically improve blood flow in the vaginal region. Exercising also boosts general immunity and helps in the removal of toxins.


It also improves metabolism. All these factors discourage the microorganisms causing leucorrhea from thriving and proliferating in the female birth canal, thus preventing leucorrhea or Whites.

Banyan Tree Bark Douche

A banyan tree bark douche is found to be effective in treating leucorrhea, as this is a powerful disinfectant. It will keep the vaginal tract healthy and clean. The douche can be prepared by boiling the banyan tree bark in water. It should be applied on the vagina 2-3 times a day for faster relief.

Fig Tree Bark Douche

The vagina can be cleansed 2-3 times a day with a douche made from fig tree bark. This will keep the vaginal tract clean and free from the infectious microorganisms infesting the vagina.

Fig Tree Bark

This douche can be applied on a daily basis during the infection. It can also be used by women who are vulnerable to vaginal infections.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry is extremely useful in treating leucorrhea because of its anti-infection properties. It is good for vaginal health. Indian gooseberry contains vitamin C, which helps in boosting your immunity towards disease producing pathogens. Hence, the immunity of the vagina against vaginal infections is also strengthened by this berry.

Indian Gooseberry

Indian gooseberry can be consumed orally or applied on the affected area. Amla powder can be mixed with crystallized sugar and consumed orally in a milk or water base. Pasted Indian gooseberry can be applied on the infected vagina and washed off after a while for relief against leucorrhea.


Mango has got other uses than simply satiate the taste buds. Ripe mango pulp can be applied on the vagina for relief against leucorrhea.

This is found to relieve the irritation and itching caused due to leucorrhea. However, as mango is a sticky substance itself, the vagina should be washed after a short while after applying the mango douche.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most effective remedies for leucorrhea. This is because it tones up the uterine tissue. It also inhibits the secretion of abnormal fluids from the vagina.

Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera juice can be orally administered. A douche made from Aloe Vera and water can also be applied on the vagina for fast relief from leucorrhea.

Fenugreek Seeds Drink

A drink made of fenugreek seeds soothes the skin and mucous membranes. It is also specifically useful in treating vaginal irritation, pain and swelling. Therefore, it is specifically effective in relieving the vaginal discomfiture caused during leucorrhea. A teaspoon of fenugreek seeds can be boiled in a glass of water. This water can be drunk on empty stomach.


Coriander is a common household item that is very effective in treating leucorrhea Coriander removes toxins from the body. Therefore, it removes the toxins generated in the body due to microbes and prevents the microbes from thriving in the body. It can be administered orally or applied on the vagina.


10 grams of coriander seeds should be boiled with 100 grams of water. The decoction should be strained and drunk on empty stomach in the morning. A coriander douche can also be applied on the vagina. Coriander is a flavorful herb. Fresh coriander leaves can be included in daily cooking to prevent leucorrhea.

Maintain Good Vaginal Hygiene

Maintaining good vaginal hygiene is the most basic home treatment option for leucorrhea. Wash the vagina and its surrounding area with water and soap thoroughly. Use a vaginal wash twice a day. This will prevent microbial infection.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.