13 Amazing Ways Of Using Honey For Your Health

Amazing Ways Of Using Honey For Your Health

Honey is one of the excellent sweeteners with plenty of health benefits. In fact, honey is regarded as one of the oldest medicines. This ingredient is considered as nectar of gods also. The amazing beauty benefits of honey are highly familiar. Honey is rich in antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, alkaloids and Flavonoids. It consists of amino acids which are highly essential for the human body. With all these nutrients, honey works wonder in making you healthy. Today, we are going to share few of the amazing ways of using honey for leading a healthy life.

1. For Enhancing Energy

Many people often face the problem of feeling lethargic and low in the morning. Honey is very effective in combating against this issue. Just add few drops of honey in your tea instead of a sugar. Alternatively, you can spread few drops of honey on the hot toast for refreshing surge of energy.[1]

2. For Boosting Immune System

Honey is very beneficial in boosting the immune system as well. This is one of the amazing health benefits offered by the honey. The anti-bacterial and anti-oxidant properties of honey are highly helpful in improving the digestive system and greatly assist in making you healthy and strong. By making you strong, it gives you the ability to fight diseases.[2] Squeeze juice from half of the lemon and add one spoonful of honey to it. Mix both these ingredients to one cup of warm water and consume it. You need to follow this technique every day before your breakfast.

3. For Reducing The Risk Of Cancer

Honey works extraordinarily great in lessening the risk of cancer. It contains anti-carcinogen properties. This amazing ingredient also consists of anti-tumor qualities.[3] You are required to add few drops of honey and lemon juice in the warm water. Consume this mixture on the daily basis for reducing the risk of cancer.

4. For Burns And Cuts

This excellent sweetener comes to your rescue for healing burns and cuts as well. In fact, honey is considered as one of the most natural home remedies for healing various types of ailments.[4] Honey when applied on the burns and cuts speeds up the process of healing by absorbing moisture from air. By acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, honey reduces pain, scarring, and swelling. The preferred honey for wound dressing is UMF Manuka honey.

5. For Hangovers

Honey works wonders in managing hangovers too. You can easily combat the effects of the hangover with the help of honey. Honey works gentle on the stomach and acts as the sobering agent.[5] It also contains the mix of the natural sugars like fructose that is highly recognized for its ability of speeding up the oxidation of the alcohol by liver. Add fifteen ml of liquid honey to seventy ml of natural yogurt and eight ml of orange juice. Mix these ingredients until they become smooth and consume it for managing the hangovers.

6. For Sore Throats

The anti-bacterial qualities of honey are very effective in soothing sore throat. Besides soothing sore throat, these anti-bacterial properties of honey work great in killing the infection causing bacteria.[6] You can consume one spoonful of honey for soothing the inflammation. Alternatively, combine pinch of salt, four tablespoons of the lemon juice and two tablespoons of honey. Gargle with this mixture.

7. For Allergies

Honey is highly capable in offering you respite from allergies. Local honey consists of small amounts of allergy causing pollen.[7] Therefore, the consumption of one teaspoonful of honey on the regular basis works wonders in reducing the chances of the histamine response like itchy eyes and sneezing. The daily intake of honey lets your body to get habituated to the pollen by introducing the particles to the body in small amounts. Thus, honey protects you from allergies.


8. For Arthritis

Another amazing health benefit offered by honey is providing you relief from arthritis. By combining with the immune system, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey work wonder in relieving you from the pain. By improving circulation, stimulating cartilage repair and removing waste from the joint, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey provide you relief from pain.[8] Honey can be applied topically on the affected area and taken internally. You are suggested to add honey tea to the little amount of cinnamon in order to gain relief from the inflammation and arthritis.

9. For Cold And Flu

The anti-bacterial properties of honey are highly useful in combating against bacterial infections like sinus, pneumonia and respiratory infections.[9] It also diminishes the symptoms like sore throat and cough by lessening the irritation and swelling in the throat. Add few drops of honey to the lemon juice and warm water and consume the mixture for better results.

10. For Cholesterol Levels

Honey is rich in calcium, sodium, B complex vitamins and potassium which work great in lowering cholesterol levels in the blood.[10] A research revealed that the intake of water and honey solution greatly lowered the overall cholesterol, LDL (bad) cholesterol, C-reactive proteins which are noted as the risk factors for the heart diseases.

11. For Stomach Ulcers

Honey is highly beneficial in healing stomach ulcers.[11] Anti-bacterial properties of honey are highly helpful in inhibiting the development of dyspepsia and stomach ulcers causing bacteria. Manuka honey which is found only in New Zealand is highly famous for its anti bacterial properties. Add honey to some warm water and drink the mixture.

12. For Cleansing Liver

Honey acts as the liver cleansing agent also. Add freshly extracted lemon juice, apple cider vinegar and a teaspoonful of honey to one cup of hot water. Consume this mixture. Besides cleansing your liver, this mixture boosts the energy levels in the body.[12]

13. For Anemia

You can easily manage the condition of anemia with the help of honey. The high amounts of manganese, copper and iron in the honey greatly assists in building up the count of hemoglobin in the body. By maintaining the right balance of the hemoglobin in the red blood corpuscles, honey works wonders in healing anemia. Consume a glassful of water with lemon juice and honey for managing anemia.[13]

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