10 Awesome Health Benefits Of The Acai Berry Diet

Health Benefits Of The Acai Berry Diet

This berry is the latest craze for weight loss and companies are launching marketing plans to sell their acai berry pills and juices. But the good news is that there is something about this berry that is worth raving about. This berry is derived from the acai palm tree and is a native fruit of the Amazon basin. It contains vitamins A, C and E and minerals namely calcium, potassium, sodium, and iron. The white variety of this berry is not as powerful a fruit as the dark purple ones and though it has benefits galore, but some people have reported to be allergic to acai berry and go into allergic spasms on eating this fruit.

The Health Benefits Of The Acai Berry Are-


This fruit can be greatly useful to the heart patients as they contain potent plant antioxidants called anthocyanins which reduce cholesterol and decrease the chances of a stroke. It also contains plant sterols that are vasodilators and can relax and dilate the blood vessels to reduce clot formation and control the level of blood pressure. Hence, people suffering from heart ailments should include acai berry in their diet.



It is the dark color of the berry that is responsible for its anthocyanins, that are antioxidants found in the fruit. The antioxidants are compounds that kill the free flowing radicals in a body and prevent abnormal growth. They protect the body from various diseases and are also known to prevent the aging process in the body and are great for skin, hair and overall body functions.



Acai berry has the unique quality to reduce the negative effects of the high fat foods. It is a great weight loss food and the dietary fiber in it helps in suppressing appetite and keeps the stomach full for longer periods. Also, drinking acai berry juice regularly for a month can control the sugar and insulin levels and also balance the cholesterol, which further helps in managing the weight.



Acai berry oil contains vitamin C and E and is excellent for the skin and especially for people with sensitive skin. Its application helps in reducing irritation and skin rashes and also reduces redness and adds a glow to the face. This natural moisturizer to the skin also has antioxidant properties to protect the skin from harsh radicals.



This berry has enzymes that help in detoxing ad cleansing the internal system. The fiber helps in good digestion and aids the passage of excreta smoothly down the intestines, hence preventing constipation. The fiber in this fruit also binds the stool and prevents the problem of diarrhea.



The vitamin C, ellagic acid, and the antioxidants helps in preventing the abnormal growth of tumors. The polyphenols present in acai berry work at a cellular level to fight the cancerous growth and stops it by 80%. Prostate cancer in men is known to benefit from the consumption of acai berry juice.
Antiaging- Acai berry is aphrodisiac and increases the blood flow in the body. It can reduce the damaging effects of free radicals that can affect the brain functions, reduce the effectiveness of the organs of the body, affects eye health, tooth loss, and this fruit also promotes collagen production and prevents wrinkle formation on the skin.


Mental And Eye Health-

Acai berry consumption have significant positive effect on the mental health of a person. It can improve memory power and reduce the instance of age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s. It can also control the mood swings in menopausal women. Problems like cataract and macular degeneration are reduced with the intake of acai berry as it has great amounts of vitamin A vital to good eye health.

Mental And Eye Health

Metabolism And Energy-

This berry is a great source of instant energy. It boosts the cellular health of the body and improves blood circulation of the body. By reducing the chances of cellular deaths, it improves the overall metabolism of the system and removes fatigue and lethargy from the body of people.

Metabolism And Energy

Immunity And Irritation-

The vitamin C and antioxidants in acai berry helps in developing a strong immunity and helps the body to fight fatal diseases. Its intake can be beneficial to people with respiratory issues as it is known to reduce respiratory distress and relieve breathing spasms.

Immunity and irritation

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