5 Simple Home Remedies For Pilonidal Cyst


Pilonidal cyst is a sac like structure that forms along the tailbone. It occurs near the cleft of the buttocks and above the anus. The cyst is generally composed of waste matter of the skin and hair. When the loose hair penetrates through the enlarged openings of the hair follicle into the skin and from thence into the subcutaneous tissues, the ingrown hair irritates the skin resulting in inflammation and the formation of a carbuncle or cyst.

Sometimes excessive and continuous pressure on the sacrococcygeal area can also give rise to a pilonidal cyst or aggravate an already existing cyst. These cysts can keep recurring and are more common in men than in women. They commonly occur between the ages of sixteen to twenty five years. The main symptoms are fever, pain in the lower spine, redness and tenderness over the lower spine and drainage of pus from the opening in the skin. Pilonidal cysts can be easily treated at home without resorting to surgery or other medical aid.

5 Best Home Remedies For Pilonidal Cyst

Epsom Salt

Fill your bathtub with warm water and mix two cups of Epsom salts into it. Soak yourself for half an hour in this water. Epsom salt will reduce the inflammation and provide considerable relief in the pain. The magnesium and sulfate content of Epsom salt will also draw out the toxins and help to shrink the cyst easily.

Epsom Salt

Use this soak two times daily. Along with this remedy you should also take care not to sit continuously for long periods. Keep walking or taking a turn around the house or your work area frequently.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a very apt remedy for shrinking the pilonidal cyst. This oil has a vast number of healing and curative powers because of its antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties.

Tea Tree Oil

If your cyst has become infected then tea tree oil will not only quickly destroy the infection but it will also shrink the cyst rapidly. Smear a drop or two of this powerful oil on the boil three times daily.


Turmeric is the most natural and widely used remedy for all sorts of diseases and disorders. It has splendid anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties which provide quick relief in the pain and swelling and propound healing immediately.


Make a thick paste with turmeric and water and apply it on the cyst. Apply three times regularly. In addition to this you should also take one teaspoon of turmeric mixed with a cup of warm milk for absolute healing inside out.


Chuna or slaked lime is very effective in combating the infection and in drying out the boil. Take some chuna and mix it with turmeric powder. Apply a thick coat of this mixture onto the boil. Tape the place with a bandage. Turmeric and chuna will work together to shrink the cyst and heal it altogether.

slaked lime

Castor Oil

Apply some warm castor oil directly on the cyst and cover it with a bandage. Apply three times daily and change the bandage each time. The healing and anti-inflammatory properties of castor oil will quickly cure the cyst.

Castor Oil

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.

  • Kerianne

    I can totally relate and I’m experiencing one as we speak. It’s been years and I like you have had horrible and painful experiences at the hospital. I’ve done a lot of research into homeopathic remedies for this pilonidal cyst. Nobody can understand the pain that we all suffer every time one of these happens. For me the things that work the best are listed below. Follow this and I promise you you will feel better. To start off we need to eat healthy during this time. Every single morning you should start your day with warm water and fresh lemon juice. Crush and chop a few cloves of garlic and swallow a spoonful whole obviously washing down with water or your drink of choice. Now I know you’re thinking this lady is crazy and it sounds disgusting but it works. But the lemon juice and garlic will help to clear your system of any toxins. The garlic will act as an anabiotic and clean your bloodstream. You won’t notice and immediate difference but try this multiple times a day until the system is gone. Also topically you need to go get some gauze from the pharmacy. Stock up on Castor oil, Teatree oil, apple cider vinegar, Bactine, and pure aloe. Each one of these ingredients is important for their own reasons so make sure to get everything. I Will cut a piece of gauze to cover the infected area. Cover the gauze in the Castor oil a tiny bit of Teatree oil, bactine, aloe, and even the Apple cider vinegar. You can do you separately or all at once it doesn’t matter and they won’t change the effectiveness… Cover the infected as well as painful area with this ans soak for a couple hours or until gauze is dried out. You can use the heating pad but be careful of the temperature using Castor oil you can heat up and burn your skin really easily..(speaking from experience lol) make sure to clean the infected area with a eucalyptus or Teatree oil soap nothing too harsh at least twice a day. Making sure to clean the area and let it dry before you put any gauze or topicals on it. Repeat the soaks with the gauze and ingredients that you purchased earlier. Sometimes I just do the castor oil and aloe if I need a pain relief. Make sure to do these throughout the entire day and don’t forget your lemon juice and garlic. I promise this will help and you will notice a massive difference.

    One more thing I forgot to include earlier. Something that can make a massive difference is purchasing some Tumeric. Make sure you get the good quality from whole foods or natural grocers you don’t want any added ingredients or chemicals when you’re trying to heal this infection. This spice has been used for years to treat infections both as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. You can cook with this especially during the time of infection and pain. I make soups and it’s really yummy. You can also apply this to your gauze in this spice has been used for years to treat infections both as an antibiotic and an anti-inflammatory. You can cook with this especially during the time of infection and pain. I make soups and it’s really yummy. You can also apply this to your gauze. It does have a very distinct color it will stain anything it touches so make sure you stay covered or on your stomach during this time. The Tumeric will not only help with the infection but can help with the pain as well.

    Last but not least drink lots and lots and lots and lots of water. Good luck and best wishes

    • Parker

      What if the cyst has already ruptured? I have had it drained twice and had 3 different antibiotics for it. I will try anything to avoid surgery.