Yoga Poses For Reducing Muscle Knots

Muscle KnotsA muscle knot refers to an isolated muscle area that contract and forms a tight band of muscles that is felt as a small pea within the muscle. These are myofascial trigger points, which appear as nasty balls of tension within the muscles that are painful and tender to touch. Muscle knots may not be serious as a spasm of the complete muscle or tearing or straining of muscle tissue, but pain due to those can become chronic.

Muscle knots can manifest in certain specific locations like neck and back, but that may lead to a referred pain in others areas of the body. A muscle knot in neck is bound to cause eye twitching or headaches. The cause for muscle knot formation is implicated to bad posture, injuries, birth trauma, falls or overexertion. To get a relief from muscle knot referred pain, yoga poses can be the efficient way out.

Effective Yoga Poses For Reducing Muscle Knots

Yoga helps in reducing the stress levels by disrupting the stress pain cycle that manifests muscle knots. With aid of yoga poses, the muscle fibres are extended and relaxed, thereby reducing likelihood of muscle knots formation and preventing the reactivation of them in case, they appear. Wear loose clothing while practising yoga, use a yoga mat for steady base and remain barefooted as shoes can cause restrictive motions.

Saddle Pose

Stretch out the sacral lumbar arch, hip flexors and quadriceps muscles while performing the saddle pose. Sit down over the heels with top region of feet lying flat on the ground.

Saddle Pose

Lean back placing hands behind till a lower back arch is being formed. Then come down onto the elbows to form an advanced pose and hold the pose for a few minutes, before relaxing out.

Dangling Pose

Dangling Pose

Stretch out the hamstrings, lower spine and quadriceps using the dangling yoga pose. Stand up keeping the spine straight and position the feet hip width apart and then bend the knees gently with feet lying firmly flat on the ground. Fold yourself forward to grab elbow using the opposite hand. Allow the head to hang freely and maintain the pose for a few minutes.

Melting Heart Pose

Relieve tension from upper, middle back and shoulder using melting heart pose. Now kneel down on the floor and position the body over knees with hand placed firmly under the shoulders.

Melting Heart Pose

While keeping the feet flat on the ground, move the hands forward and drop the chest over the ground. Outstretch the arms in front keeping hands at shoulder width apart and aligning the knees in line with the hips. Hold it there for several minutes.

Yin Yoga Poses

Yin yoga poses, a version of Tao yoga uses classic yoga pose to enhance flexibility within the connective tissues. In yin yoga, rather than contracting and releasing muscles, a slow and steady load is applied over the connective tissue by stretching it out for a few minutes.

Yin Yoga Pose

With regular practice of yin yoga poses, the connective tissue becomes stronger and longer, reliving the individual from muscle knots pain. It serves as an effective alternative approach to myofascial release therapies.

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