Yoga Exercises For Irregular Menstrual Cycle

What is the time period between your menstrual cycles? If it is between 21-35 days of your last periods, your reproductive system is healthy. But, in case, you have bled within 21 days of your last periods, or have not bled for more than 35 days from your last menstruation, you can assume that your menstrual cycle is irregular. It is natural for the irregularity to occur once in a while, but if the pattern repeats more than once or twice, it is advisable for you to consult a gynecologist regarding the problem.

Irregular periods are indicative of underlying health conditions such as diabetes, hormonal abnormalities or obesity.Yoga addresses the causal health conditions for irregular menstruation. Certain yoga exercises specifically stimulate the organs and parts of the reproductive system, thereby ensuring steady menstrual health.

6 UsefulYoga Exercises For Irregular Periods

Trikonasana (Triangle Pose)

Trikonasana is a standing sideways bending yoga pose that stimulates the reproductive organs, i.e. the ovaries and the uterus in females, leading to the efficient secretion of menstruation of hormones for ensuring timely periods. Stand straight with your legs about a couple of feet apart. Turn your right leg at right angles to your body.


Now slowly, bend sideways till your hands touch the ground next to your ankles. Raise your left hand straight upwards and fix your gaze upwards, towards the raised hand. Remain in this pose for 2-5 minutes. Return to the resting pose and repeat the asana on the other side.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose)

Performing the Mountain Pose is not a mountainous task! It is a simple yoga standing exercise that stimulates the reproductive organs and the centers in the brain controlling menstrual hormone functioning. Basically, Tadasana involves standing erect with the legs straight and the feet slightly apart and the gaze direct towards the front.


The variations of this asana comprise raising the arms above your head in the Indian salutation pose and keeping the feet flat on the ground (Iyengar yoga), and standing on your toes (Vinyasa Krama Yoga).

Adho Mukhasvanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

Adho Mukhasvanasana is a yoga inversion pose that stimulates and energizes the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes.  It also promotes and enhances the flow of uterine blood. To perform this asana, sit on your fours.

Adho Mukhasvanasana

Now raise your pelvis upwards till your hands and legs are straightened without any bending at the elbows or the knees. Your abdomen should be drawn inwards. This stretch compresses the organs of your uterine region thus boosting their performance by stimulating them.

Parsvottanasana (Pyramid Pose)

Parsvottanasana is a deep stretching assymetrical standing forward bend that stimulates the reproductive organs and promotes their normal functionality. Stand erect and put one foot forward by about feet away from your other leg.  Fold your hands behind your back.


Now gradually bend your body forward till your chin touches your knee. Remain in this pose for 10-30 seconds or longer if desired. Return to resting pose and repeat the exercise with the other foot. A variation of this exercise can be performed with the hands touching the ground.

Prasarita Padottasana (Wide Legged Forward Bending)

Prasarita Padottasana is another deep forward bending yoga exercise that stimulates the uterus and other reproductive organs by compressing and stretching them while performing the exercise. To perform this exercise, stand straight with your feet about a couple of feet apart.

Prasarita Padottasana

Now, gradually bend your torso forward till your hands can rest flat on the ground in front of you. Remain in this pose for 10-30 seconds or longer. Repeat, if required.

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