Vitamin B Deficiency Symptoms

Vitamin B DeficiencyVitamin B is considered to be very important for the body and for the health of a human being and therefore it is very important to get good doses of vitamin B so that the health and the fitness of the body can be kept intact and at the same time various diseases of the body that arise out of the deficiency of vitamin B can be avoided.

Vitamin B carries out the job of synthesizing the proteins, the minerals and the carbohydrates received by the body and therefore it is very important to include some vitamin B rich foods in daily diet so that the diseases caused due to vitamin B deficiency can be avoided to a large extent. Vitamin B deficiency symptoms can be enumerated as under.

Various Symptoms Of Vitamin B Deficiency

Leakage Of Urine

It is mainly because of the deficiency of vitamin b that the bladder within the body loses its ability of holding urine leading to leakage of urine at odd moments.

Leakage Of Urine

This is a disorder that is popularly known as incontinence and requires to be healed by the intake of food rich in vitamin B. So, if you face such problems, you must take the foods that are rich in Vitamin B.

Chronic Fatigue And Weight Loss

A person begins to feel persistently weak and tired if he or she has the deficiency of vitamin B in the body which can lead to chronic fatigue. So, if you are feeling weak for a long time now, don’t neglect. It might be because of insufficient Vitamin B. Energy boosting drinks consisting of vitamin B and other vegetables and fruits can work wonders in fighting instances of fatigue in the body.

Fatigue and tiredness can result in weight loss that can also be a direct consequence of low levels of vitamin B inside the body. Weight loss can also lead to severe problems of the body such as gastrointestinal problems and sleeplessness.

Breathing Shortness

Difficulty In Breathing

Vitamin B deficiency can also lead to breathing shortness and a feeling of labored breathing. If a person has a lot of difficulty in breathing, then it can be noted that the body is not able to absorb vitamin B in the perfect manner. If you are experiencing short breath, it might be due to adequate amount of Vitamin B.

Tingling Sensation

Tingling sensation in the toes and the fingers is experienced with low level of vitamin B in the body.

Tingling Sensation

This condition can also lead to neurological problems and poor circulation of blood within the body. This symptom can be treated very well with adequate intake of foods rich in vitamin B.

Memory Loss And Mental Confusion

It is because of the deprivation of vitamin B in the neurological system that leads to forgetfulness and mental confusion in people and this can turn out to be very dangerous if the proper measures are not taken within the time.

Visual as well as audio hallucination can also be the direct result of vitamin B deficiency in the body and this can be taken as a very advanced stage of vitamin B deficiency symptoms.


Depression is also a very well known symptom of vitamin B deficiency and this symptom generally occurs when the body is deprived of vitamin B for a very long time.


Thus, if you see that you are feeling depressed continuously, it might be because of lack of vitamin B in your body.

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