Useful Home remedies for temper tantrums

temper tanturmsTemper tantrums in children are normal and is the usual part of growing up, when a child feel frustrated and is not able to express his/her emotions. Neither the child nor the parent is bad that has resulted in temper tantrums.






It is the phase when new emotions have to be learned by the child and as a parent we need to help them in learning and getting over the phase of frustration.It is utmost important to remain calm and polite while dealing with temper tantrums in children as otherwise it could become a cause for more episodes of those.


Important home remedies for managing temper tantrums

Gentle distraction

Switch to activities that are enjoyed most by the child in order to divert the attention. Make funny faces if that lightens the mood of the child. The aim is to distract the attention of child from the ongoing frustration phase. This aids in managing frustration in child in less amount of time rather than being a prolonged act. Never try reasoning the child through the tantrum phase. Never argue, threaten or lecture the child as child is already tensed or frustrated and cannot cope with any severe behavior.

Ignore the behavior

Temper tantrums are usually caused to attain attention of others and ignoring it will futile the purpose. Walk away to another nearby place and remain out of sight for the child. Keep mum until the behavior is not improved. Once tantrums are over, discuss the problem calmly with the child. Appreciate that he/she has overcome the improper behavior. Never give in to undue demands of the child to stop the temper tantrums. It will increase the episodes of such tantrums as child will find it an effective way of getting things done. With very young children, staying close from where child can see the parent is beneficial rather than being completely out of sight.

Useful Home remedies for temper tantrums

Best Natural Cures For Temper Tantrums

Follow a consistent approach

Develop a proper routine that must be followed everyday by the child. Any deviation from the routine gives the child chance to violate them often. Put forth defined rules of behavior that need be set within reasonable limits. For certain acts, it is better to give liberty to the child in making certain decisions like choosing clothes to wear, what stories to read and what snacks to eat. The independency sets a sense of control and the child tends to follow other rules without revolting.

Assist in framing words

Encourage the child to put the feelings in words and help him/her to express by framing short sentences. The easier child finds to communicate, the less difficult it will be for parent to juggle through tantrums. Instruct him that it is always better to convey by speaking as it is clearer and less troublesome to deal with.

Spend quality time

quality time
Everyday set aside some time for the child with you, when child can just talk heart out endlessly with at least one parent. It is not important what child conveys always, but it is really important to listen even if it is a repeated story or talks. Listening ears are need of a growing child and when emotions are shared, there is less possibility of the child to go through temper tantrums.
Praising good behavior is as much essential as guiding the right behavior. Being affectionate on every good deed that the child does goes a long way in reassuring the child that he/she is a good child and must do more of such rewarding acts to continue being the same.

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