Useful Benefits Of Myrrh Essential Oil

myrrh essential oil usesMyrrh essential oil is obtained from Myrrh resins. The plant is a native of Egypt and finds extensive use in ancient medicinal scriptures. The Myrrh oil consists of Cadinene, Alpha Pinene, Limonene, Eugenol, Cuminaldehyde, Heerabolene, Sesquiterpenes, Cresol, Acetic Acid and Formic Acid.

Here is a list of use of Myrrh oil in various medicinal aspects.

Anti Microbial And Anti Viral

The oil has anti microbial properties and prevents the growth of microbes. Any kind of microbial infection like mumps, food poisoning, measles and chicken pox can be cured by the use of this essential oil. Being a natural product, the oil has minimum side effects and is not known to cause indigestion, weakening of liver etc.


The Essential Oil is known as an important astringent. It is used to strengthen the gums of teeth. Its other functionalities include preventing hair fall, contraction of skin, intestines and muscles and also the other organs of the body. The astringent in Myrrh oil contract the blood vessels and control the flow of blood. This property helps in preventing hemorrhage.

Good Expectorant

Essential oils in Myrrh have a therapeutic effect on cough and cold. Because of its anti microbial properties, the oil fights the growth of viral infection causing cough and cold.  The oil prevents the accumulation of phlegm in lungs and as such has anti congestion properties.

Anti Fungal

Myrrh oil possess anti fungal properties and as such can be used both externally and internally to prevent and fight against fungal infections.


The oil is a good stimulant that facilitates the proper functioning of the heart and production of digestive juices needed for digestion. The oil also has a positive effect on the nervous system as it keeps us active and vigilant all the time.

Carminative Features

The essential oil prevents the formation of gas in the stomach that makes you fart. It also helps to enhance appetite and reduce symptoms caused by gastric problems. It is essential for maintaining the health of the stomach and also allows its proper functioning.

Diaphoretic Properties

The Myrrh essential oils possess diaphoretic properties that enhance sweat formation in the body. This helps the body to get rid of extra salts, toxins and excess of water. Sweating also allows the skin pores to remain open facilitating gaseous exchange on the surface of the skin.

Anti Septic Properties

The Myrrh oils heal wounds fast and have anti septic properties. It prevents the formation of septic and gangrenes on injured parts of the body.

Immune Booster

The use of Myrrh oil as an immune booster is well known. It enhances the production of antibodies and strengthens the immune system of the body.

Better Blood Circulation

Because of its stimulating properties, Myrrh oil ensures that the flow of blood in the vessels remain smooth. This allows the supply of sufficient amount of oxygen to the various parts of the body. Metabolic activities also get enhanced.

The use of Myrrh oil has been confirmed in the process of mummification in ancient Egyptian culture.

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