Treatment Of Hiccups With 11 Definite Remedies

Hiccups can be terribly annoying. The fact that it is purely involuntary and can surface any time of the day without your consent makes it more irritating to deal with.  Hiccups do not actually require any treatment and generally goes away after a few minutes. It occurs when the diaphragm contracts due to the presence of materials that cause irritation to the nerves.

Normally, hiccups can be put to rest with grandma’s remedy which is to drink a few glasses of water. If they subside with this remedy, well and good. But what if they don’t? Be warned that hiccups can also be caused if you have pneumonia or kidney disease. They could also be triggered as a result of surgery and when there is an irritant present in the diaphragm.

Whatever the reason, hiccups that last for a few hours should be dealt with professionally. In the meanwhile, those simple, harmless varieties of hiccups can easily be solved with our wonderful resource of natural remedies. Let’s browse the web for some natural remedies for hiccups.

Natural Remedies for Hiccups

1. Try a Burp Solution for Your Hiccups

Wonder whether it works? Why don’t you just go ahead and try it. There is no need for preparing herbal solutions or anything for this magic cure. Just try to force out a deep burp every time you start a hiccup. Many say that it works almost always without fail.

2. Sugar and Red Wine for Hiccups

Here we need one tablespoon of sugar and a few drops of red wine vinegar. Just gulp it down. It could probably be the horrible taste that follows or the gulping action, your hiccups are history anyway!

There is yet another way to treat hiccups with sugar. Just take a tablespoon of sugar and leave it right at the back of your mouth. This is where the taste buds for sourness rests. Leaving a spoonful of sugar there will give them a violent start, thereby stopping the other involuntary act, i.e. hiccups to a grinding halt.

3. Sour Lemon to Overwhelm Your Taste buds

As hiccups are an involuntary spasm, any spasm that can counteract its action will stop them instantly. This is why lemon is a sure way to stop hiccups halfway. Take undiluted lemon juice and put it in your mouth. The unnatural sourness of lemon is too overpowering for your mouth and you have to swallow it hard in order to gulp it down the throat.

This will stop your hiccups immediately as you have tricked the nerve into shifting its irritation from hiccups to the sourness of taste.

4. Chamomile Tea for Hiccups

Chamomile is a relaxant of muscles and hence good for stopping muscle spasms associated with hiccups. Steep chamomile with half a litre of water for half an hour. Drink it for stopping the muscle contractions in an instant.

5. Holding Your Breath Can Stop Hiccups

For trying this, first plug your ears. Take a deep breath so that your abdomen expands like a balloon. Hold for as much time as you can and release. Do it a couple of times to stop the hiccups.

This exercise can be done while sipping water too. Hold your breath and drink water. For this, first inhale so that the abdomen fills up with air, and without exhaling, drink water. Continue drinking water for as much time as you can hold your breath. Try this 2-3 times before your hiccups will be stopped.

6. Instigate a Pepper Sneeze for Deep Relief

Another intriguing remedy for hiccups. But it does work! Take fine pepper powder and inhale it. You will surely go on a sneezing spree for a few seconds. By the time you stop and come back to your senses, your hiccups would have vanished. Now do we have to find a home remedy for your sneezing?

7. Yoghurt to Arrest Hiccups

Anything that shifts the attention of the nerves can be used for hiccups treatment. Take cool yoghurt and add some salt to make it more bitter. Drink it and for an instant your face will constrict at its sourness. Your nerves too constrict and that is all that is required to stop hiccups.

8. Honey too Can Stop Hiccups

Just like sugar, honey too is very sweet and very good for treating hiccups. Down honey right inside your throat and count till nine, and your hiccups are gone. Again the wonders of overwhelming sweetness have done the trick.

9. Brown Paper Bag, a Tried and Tested Way To Stop Hiccups

Brown paper bags have been in use for a long time now. Only we do not know how handy they can be when we have hiccups. If you have brown paper bags near you, put them over your mouth and nose, and inhale deeply. Then exhale. Repeat this several times, while keeping the brown paper bag in place.

This will effectively stop the hiccups as the carbon dioxide imbalance in the blood that has started the hiccups would be rectified by now. Take care while doing this treatment. This is a no-no for heart and stroke patients. Stop it if you feel giddy or shortness of breath.

10. Ice Cubes can Give a Shock to Your Body and Stop Hiccups

Irritated nerves can be set right with ice cubes. Put an ice cube in your mouth or touch it at the nape of your neck or on your face for that matter. It is better if this is done without your knowledge by somebody else. The sudden impact of cold which you did not anticipate will give you a start and put your hiccups to rest.

11. Use Green Cardamom for Stopping Hiccups

Green cardamom water can stop hiccups effectively. Boil 5-6 cardamom in a glass of water. Drink this water and see how much of a relief you are in for.

Hiccups are a natural reaction of the body to irritants. In most cases, you do not even require any home remedies for stopping them. If your hiccups do not stop with any of these remedies and continues for more than an hour, do not wait to seek medical advice.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.