Top Yoga Exercises For Back Pain

Back pain can either be long term or short term. Short term back pain is widely known as acute back pain, and it lasts for a maximum period of 12 weeks. The longer an acute back pain lasts, the higher are the chances of the development of long term, or chronic, back pain.

This is because acute back pain that lasts long can create a path in the nervous system that can continue to transfer pain signals to the back, even when the damage in the affected tissue is no longer there. Acute back pain is usually treated as a condition, and not a disease in itself.

This is due to the fact that acute back pain is caused due to a diagnosed problem, which is usually related to muscle spasms or inflammation of soft back bone tissues. The cause of this inflammation or spasm can be due to some sports injury, or by exerting the back while working around the house or in the backyard. It can also be due to a sudden jolt, which can be due to a car accident, or stress on the back bones and tissues because of a bad posture at work.

People try various treatment methods to get rid of back pain but are unable to find a permanent relief from the problem. What these people don’t know is they can get permanent relief from back pain if they practice yoga on a regular basis. Yoga is a very effective remedy to treat back pain.

Several fitness trainers recommend yoga for a healthy body. Yoga not only helps you relax your muscles but also strengthens them. One of the main reasons for back pain is stress and yoga helps you relieve that stress. We are going to take a look at some of the yoga exercises for back pain.

The Fists Forward Bend

This one is a good yoga exercise for back pain. To practice this, you need to stand on both of your feet in such a way that your feet are hip-distance apart. Once you get into this position, release your torso and bend your knees until your belly touches your thighs. Get as close to the thighs as possible.

Make fists of your palms and place them on each of the opposite creases of the elbow. Once done, relax your head, neck and back simultaneously squeezing your fists. The bent elbows and fists help to trigger the central nervous system or the CNS and open the back muscles. Take few breaths and you will be able to release tension from your back almost instantly.

The Child’s Pose

This one is also a good yoga pose that can help you to get rid of your back pain. To practice this posture, you need to lay on you hands and knees. Try to widen your knees and try to bring your big toes closer but to have a spine stretch try to bring the knees together. Relax completely by touching your head on the floor. It is important to breathe slowly while practicing this yoga exercise. Try to relieve tension while exhaling. Doing this for at least 10-15 daily can ease the back pain.

The Downward Facing Dog’s Posture

If you succeed in doing this properly then no one can stop you from getting rid your back health. To practice this pose you will have to take a position wherein your feet should lie hip distance apart and hands should be at least shoulder distance apart.

Avoid arching your back too much and pressurizing the shoulder joints as it will lead to over contracting of the muscles. Lift the navel and front ribs. Grow your spine by carving the tail bone towards the heels and pres back your outer legs in an equal position. Do this until there is realignment of the body and a stretch. Take some 5-10 breaths and ease the back tension.

The Wall Plank Posture

This one is a simple as well as highly effective yoga exercise that can help you to get rid of your back pain. All you have to do is stand at an arm’s length from a wall and reach towards it through your shoulders. Place the palms of your hands on the walls and keep your fingers wide in such a way that the middle finger is positioned in the upward direction towards the ceiling.

Keep your fingers firmly placed on the wall and draw the navel backside and lengthen the tailbone towards the ground and make a natural lower back curve by lifting your ribs fro the pelvis. Take your legs back until you have a folding at your waist and bend your head between the gap made by your two hands and have a straight spinal alignment. Hold this position for at least 10-15 breaths. This will ease the back pain almost instantly.

These were some of the yoga exercises that you can perform to get rid of your back pain. Practicing these yoga exercises one by one daily can really work wonders for those who suffer from chronic back pain. Chronic back pain due to arthritis or nerve damage cannot be treated completely with medications.

They can only serve the purpose of stifling the pain, and not an outright cure. For this reason, patients with chronic back pain need to practice on a regular basis. If you practice the yoga exercises mentioned above on a regular basis then you will not only be able to get rid of the back pain quite effectively but will also prevent its recurrence in the future.

However, while practicing see to it that you don’t stretch too much as it can lead to a muscle strain so it is advisable that you stretch to a position that you think is comfortable for you. So, don’t wait for long start practicing these highly effective yoga exercises now and see how your back pain will vanish within a period of two weeks but only if you practice these daily without fail.

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