Top Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency

Vitamin DVitamins are chemicals that are essential for your body to fight diseases and maintain overall good health. Vitamin D is not like most other vitamins and your body can create Vitamin D when you expose yourself to sunlight. Vitamin D is useful to fight and prevent a number of diseases which have long term deteriorating effects on your body.

Vitamin D is very important for a good health and especially for your bones. It is the adequate amount of Vitamin D which prevents rickets among children. Calcium and phosphorus are very important for strong bones and Vitamin D increases the capacity of your intestines to absorb these elements, thereby improving your bone health. Thus a deficiency of this vitamin may lead to some long term diseases. The symptoms of deficiency in Vitamin D are:

Symptoms Of Vitamin D Deficiency


The most common symptom of Vitamin D deficiency is rickets in children. This disease is very common in Africa, Asia and the Middle East. Rickets result in stunted growth of children, soft and weak bones and long bones that bend and bow under the child’s weight as he grows.



Rickets had become a serious public health problem in the USA and is solely caused by Vitamin D deficiency. However, Canada and USA have used Vitamin D fortified milk which has helped to reduce rickets in a majority of children.

Multiple Sclerosis

Lack of Vitamin d also causes multiple sclerosis which is an inflammatory disease where the insulting cover of the nerve cells in the brain and spinal chord get damaged. This results in disruption of certain functions of the nervous system which results in physical, mental and even psychiatric problems.

Multiple Sclerosis


The most common problems are loss of sensation; loss in feeling of tingling, muscular weakening, swallowing problems, difficulty in moving, very pronounced reflexes and many more.


A research at Georgetown University Medical Centre found a link between the sufficient intake of Vitamin D and reduced risk of breast cancer among women.

breast cancer


The study showed that increased amount of Vitamin D leads to a 75% fall in overall cancer incidence and 50% reduction in tumour cases among those who already have cancer. It also showed that this vitamin supplementation helps to control particularly breast cancer; especially oestrogen sensitive breast cancer.

Pain and Fatigue

Since Vitamin D makes your bones stronger by increasing the intestinal absorptive capacity of calcium and phosphorus, deficiency of Vitamin D leads to weakening of bone health leading to soft and weak bones.


This in turn causes joint pains, body aches and fatigue. This common lack of stamina and joint pains are due to the deficiency of Vitamin D. Supplements of this vitamin will improve your bone health giving you a fatigue free and painless body.

Immune System Hampered

Deficiency of Vitamin D also weakens your immune system. With inadequate amount of Vitamin D in your body, you are more susceptible to viral infections and especially during winter, you are prone to influenza due to less sun resulting in less Vitamin D. So in winters, you are advised to take Vitamin D supplements to reduce risks of getting a common cold. Deficiency of Vitamin D might also be a reason for tuberculosis and as of 2011 clinical trials, deficiency of this vitamin might also have a role to play in HIV.

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