Top Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks

Vitamin E OilVitamin E is naturally found in some foods such as meat, eggs, fruits and vegetables as well as vegetable oils. It is also available as supplement these days. Vitamin E oil provides great effects to hair, skin and nail. It is a common ingredient which can be found in beauty creams. Most of the skin care products use Vitamin E oil as one of their ingredients. Vitamin E oil is known to protect the skin from dryness and is also well-known for healing scars.

Stretch marks can be caused due to pregnancy or due to gain or loss of weight. Hormonal changes in the body are the main reason for the stretch marks. They are known to appear on thighs, hips, breasts and low back and even in the buttocks. These stretch marks can be healed with the application of Vitamin E oil. The following properties of this oil helps in reducing these marks.

Benefits Of Vitamin E Oil For Stretch Marks

Provides Necessary Moisture

Vitamin E oil can be used as a moisturizer. Vitamin E oil itself is very thick to be applied on the skin. It can be combined with olive oil to make it thin and can be applied to the areas of stretch marks.

Provides Necessary Moisture

The area of the stretch marks is left without moisture and applying this oil on that area helps the skin to hold on to the moisture and it helps in healing the skin tissues.

Have Antioxidant Properties

The scar on the skin, which was attained through burns and wounds have a tough skin. Vitamin E oil with its antioxidant properties, when applied directly on the skin goes below the surface of the skin and heals the skin. The moisturizing property supplies the skin with enough moisturizer and the antioxidant property helps in healing the tissues by clearing away the free radicals that affect the skin thus impacting healing.

Blocks Free Radicals

The marks on the skin are caused by aging and hormonal changes. The basic reason for them to appear is given to the damage caused by the free radicals. Vitamin E oil has the capability to prevent this free radical damage. Moreover, Vitamin E has antioxidants that help in neutralizing the free radicals. When vitamin E oil is applied on the affected area the antioxidants present in the oil neutralize the free radicals and prevents future cell damage and thus it lightens the skin and removes the marks.

Helps in Cell Regeneration

Vitamin E oil helps in cell growth and it also helps in speeding up the process of cell regeneration. The stretch marks make the skin look aged. Vitamin oil applied on the area helps the new cells to grow in the area.


This oil is also known to produce collagen which helps in keeping the skin elastic. The deep stretch marks are caused due to the dead cells. Massaging this vitamin oil on the skin every day softens the skin and helps in the regeneration of the cells. With the help of collagen the new cell keeps the skin elastic thus preventing further stretch marks.

Promotes Healing of Tissues

The scars and the stretch marks on the skin are due to the unhealed tissues beneath the skin. This vitamin E oil with its antioxidant properties helps in healing those tissues. The blood circulation to that part of the skin is promoted when Vitamin E oil is applied on that area. It nourishes the cells of that particular area. It enters the skin and blocks the free radicals that prevent the cells from healing. It softens the area and allows the tissues to heal.

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