Top 6 Makeup Tips For Summer Season

Top 6 Makeup Tips For Summer Season

Summer probably is not the right season to apply heavy makeup especially if you don’t have much knowledge about how to keep it intact. Although we all have a natural beauty to show but why not bring some enhancement to it be it any season. You can achieve this aim by acquiring the important tips about how to start makeup in summer and how to keep it stay for longer times. Do read the article below and do copy the valuable information meant for keeping your beauty in place for longer hours.

Top 6 Makeup Tips For Summer Season:

1. Start With A Proper Base

This is the most important tips for summer makeup. Never forget to apply a good base before you actually start with the makeup. A proper and a good base is very much necessary for keeping the makeup stay in its place and enhance the beauty. In the morning, you can start with a good oil-free moisturizer. You can choose an oil free foundation formula to match the base. Make sure that whatever you choose to apply on your skin, it suits your skin type because just looking good is not the task but keeping the beauty intact comes with it.

2. Use Less Of Every Makeup

It is summer so it ought to be hot outside. In this heat, if you go out wearing heavy makeup, it is apt to spread. It may develop crack and creases thus letting your whole effort go in vain. So what you need to do is to wear less of every makeup. The better is to go with only concealer and tinted moisturizer as these two do not spread much and keep your natural beauty enhanced.

3. Give A Break To The Thick Lipsticks

The heavy matte lipsticks are meant to be kept away especially in summer. Rather, go for the simplest stains trend of the season. These are long lasting and also offer sheer coverage making your lips actually more versatile. Strains are always good to go as these can be further moisturized by adding a lip balm without compromising with the color. For beautiful summery look, go for the sweet pink or peach shade. If want to go bold, then go for the tangerine or grape color.

Give A Break To The Thick Lipsticks

4. Use Bronze At The High Points

Bronzer is the best thing ever if you want to highlight your eyes and make your teeth look white. It is the makeup that adds a little warmth to the skin which is extremely necessary for the skin to look attractive. Now that you know that bronzer is a necessary makeup, it is not about applying it anywhere on the face. The bronzer is to be used only at the high points of the face especially where the sun rays hits directly like your nose, forehead, chin and cheekbone. This is done to save these areas from losing the beauty in less time in sunlight. When using bronzer, go for the powder bronzer as it is very easy to apply. Choose the ones with many different shades as these can be blended to create a better shade and give you even more authentic look. While applying on face, do not forget the neck else it may become of different color and force people notice the makeup easily.

5. Do Not Use Shimmer In Summer

Although everyone loves to get a dewy and attractive look but you should remember that there is a proper time to wear a particular makeup. You should learn the big difference between the “top-shine” and the healthy radiance. As it is summer and everything tends to spread because of heavy sunrays, you should take proper care towards wearing any makeup that is too luminous. Do avoid products that are too luminous, or creams or foundation. Failing to follow this tip may lead to extra shine and sweaty looking face due to intense humidity outside.

6. Skip The Blush

Be it whatever look, blush tends to add beauty and the healthiness. In cold weather, it stays in its place and highlights the tinge of pink on your cheeks but its action reverses in hot weather. In hot weather, it spreads and causes stains for longer time. Also, these stains are very difficult to remove. If you still are so fond of using blush then rather go for blush stain or gel blush. Apply it on your cheeks followed by quickly adding a very light and think coating of cream blush on top. If you still have doubt about its longevity, then wear an invisible setting powder on top. Make sure that these three layers are not too thick instead very thin. As you would like to enhance your look rather than mattifying it.

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