Top 5 Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil You Must Know

Health Benefits Of Lemongrass Oil

Lemongrass Oil belongs to the class of hot essential oils that have multiple health benefits. It is basically a formulation of the leaves of Cymbopogon Citratus herb that is a native to United kingdom. Due to its high heat demands, this plant is basically reaped in hot weather conditions. It isn’t just one of those essential oils that serve the basic purpose of aromatherapy, but it is also water soluble, edible and non toxic. Thus, it is a common kitchen ingredient and is a major cooking oil for health conscious people. To let you better know the essential oil that you knew for its fragrance, we have listed 5 unmatched health benefits it offers.

1. It Reduces Depression

Depression isn’t just normal mood swing. It is much beyond that and develops extreme sadness and helplessness in people. But lemongrass oil exhibits such anti depressant qualities that it calms down irritation by refreshing the body and mind. All you need to combat that feeling of helplessness that cuts you off from the society is a relaxing bubble bath in lemongrass oil. It improves sleep and reduces work related fatigue that offers stability to the tensed mind (1).

It Reduces Depression

2. It Reduces Anxiety

Lemongrass oil offers better hold over psychological issues by soothing tensed nerve cells regulated by CNS (Central Nervous System). It reduces any oxidative damage caused to the nerves that can lead to symptoms of fear, causing anxiety. This gives the mind a better hold over controlling and regulating various emotions. It further reduces irritation and fear. Fear management reduces anxiety and gets the mind to function properly. You can either massage the oil to release stress, or can involve it in your daily diet to detoxify your mind and body off negative thoughts and toxicity (2).

It Reduces Anxiety

3. It Reduces Fungus Growth

Fungal infections on the skin are more common than you can possibly imagine. Fungus tends to affect the feet and gets accumulated within and around the nails causing swelling, itching, inflammation and bad odour. But lemongrass oil is a multi purpose oil that also offers the goodness of an antifungal agent that not just removes existing fungus from the body and nails, by flushing it out of your dermis completely, it also prevents and shields the body against any further fungus attack (3).

Fungus Growth

4. It Reduces Muscle Cramps And Arthritic Pain

Muscular cramps are basically related to the ligaments and connective tissues that hold bones and muscles together. Any strain or tussle in connective tissues cause fatigue, muscle cramps and pain, and even disorders like fibromyalgia. Lemongrass oil mild massage regularly adds strength to tendons in connective tissues that better hold muscles and bones together and reduces muscular pain. And regular consumption of this analgesic oil works as a wonderful remedy for people suffering from joint disorders like arthritis (4).

It Reduces Muscle Cramps And Arthritic Pain

5. It Reduces Cholesterol

No wonder why doctors suggest the use of Lemongrass oil for people suffering from heart disorders. Various universities have found that this oil is a major cholesterol foe. It has been recorded to reduce cholesterol by 25 percent within a few months of its use. In fact, medical testing on mice for clinical purposes has confirmed that lemongrass oil can reduce cholesterol within a matter of 3 weeks (5).

It Reduces Cholesterol

Other than these major health benefits, lemongrass oil is also considered safe for people dealing with chronic asthma and kidney disorders. You must use this oil topically as well as consume it on a regular basis to keep healthy. In fact, it is non toxic and is a powerful body cleansing agent that can offer relief from gastric problems as well.

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