Top 15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Blueberry Juice

Blueberry Juice

Blueberry juice is one of those amazing ingredients that work wonders for your health. They are made using the fresh extracts of blueberries. However, one thing that should be kept in mind is that blueberry juice should be taken in its natural form. So avoid anything that has added sugar to it along with some preservatives, because it kills the nutrients in the juice. Here are 15 health benefits of the blueberry juice.

Top 15 Health Benefits Of Drinking Blueberry Juice

Low In Calories

Blueberry juice has fewer calorie as compared to most of the other fruits. According to the U.S agricultural department, a cup of juice has just 84 calories, though it is high on the nutrient content. So a great way to kickstart your day, without being guilty about the calories.

Low On Fat

The blueberry juice is also low on fat. This means that you are actually getting just 1 gram of fat when you are consuming one glass of the juice. So a nice way to actually know that you can lose weight and drink up to good health.

Get rid of unwanted fat

Rich In Vitamins

Blueberry juice is rich in different kinds of vitamins including vitamin K, vitamin A and Vitamin C. In fact it has been seen that the high vitamin content in the juice helps in fighting an array of diseases and helps in getting the needed proteins for healthy and glowing skin.

Mineral Rich

Blueberry juice is also rich in minerals like manganese and potassium, which are not easily found in other vegetable sources. If you are drinking a glass of blueberry juice a day, then enjoy all of these aded minerals that you get along.

Repairs Skin Tissues

Skin tissues are repaired naturally by drinking the juice of blueberry. It has been seen that the rich vitamin content in the juice helps in repairing body tissues for making collagen. It also repairs damaged tissues, ligaments along with blood vessels.

Repairs Skin Tissues

Fibre Rich

As long as you are drinking the juice without straining it, you are also getting a lot of fibres from it. These are fibres that play a crucial role in helping you improve digestion and also help you stay fuller for a longer time. Hence, you tend to eat less.

Look Younger

Blueberry extracts has a high amount of antioxidants in them. High levels of polyphenols like anthocyanins are rich in the A, C and E vitamin group. So you tend to stay younger for a longer period of time.

Promotes Fair skin

Fights Cancer

The juice of blueberries are also laden with anti-cancer properties, thanks to the high nutrient content. It has been seen that the free radicals that cause cancer are combated by the antioxidant rich blueberry juice. It also prevents damage from environmental toxins.

Prevents Cancer

Improves Dietary Functions

The fibrous juice along with the seeds of the blueberries provides an array of dietary functions. So you are able to combat health problems like constipation along with improving the bowel movements. It also helps in improving digestive juices.

Prevents Bloating

The natural fibres in the blueberry juice also helps in preventing bloating by improving bodily functions. The fibres of the juice help in getting rid of accumulated toxins and reduce the bloating problem by easier bowel movements.

Combats Gas and Bloating


You can use the juice of the blueberry fruit as an external or internal cleanser too. You can use it for cleaning your face or drink it up to detoxify. It gets rid of accumulated toxins from the body and this in turn makes the juice perfect for detox diets.

Improves Immunity

Regular drinking of the blueberry juice is known to fight diseases and improve immunity. Being nutrient rich, it helps in creating the right balance of vitamins and minerals in the body that helps to boost immunity.

Increases Immunity

Prevents Ulcer

The juice of blueberry is known to be rich in different vitamins that help in reducing in peptic ulcers. One of the major causes of ulcers i H. pylori and blueberry juice fights the same.

Stomach Ulcers

Fights Urinary Infections

If you are suffering from constant urinary infections, then you must try drinking the juice of blueberries at least twice a day. It has been seen that the vitamins here help in fighting problems like E. coli along with other urinary infections.

Fights Urinary Infections

Reduce Heart Disease Risks

With regular consumption of the blueberry juice, you are also able to fight off different kinds of heart diseases as the juice lowers levels of cholesterol and helps in maintaining better blood pressure. The combined result of this helps in fighting of different kinds of heart diseases along with cardiovascular issues. So drink away to good health.

Reduces Risk of Heart Disease


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