The Best Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism

HypothyroidismHypothyroidism is quite a serious disease with life threatening consequences, and therefore should not be ignored at any cost. This disease devastates a person in a number of ways, right from appearance to the major internal organs such as the heart. Your skin may become awfully thin, or dry and itchy.Your memory may be impaired, you may be depressed, or your voice may become hoarse.

You may become anemic and your heart may become vulnerable to failure, and you may become impotent or infertile. All this sounds scary, does it not? Well, ultimately you are the master of your body, no matter how strong its enemies may be. You can control the ill effects of hypothyroidism by taking the right diet and timely medication. Exercising for improving thyroid health is also another good step which you can combine with your drug and diet therapy for hypothyroidism.

Best Diet Plan For Hypothyroidism

Morning Drink

How about starting your day with herbal tea? You cannot have bed coffee anyway, as coffee is taboo for you. This is because coffee interferes with the absorption of thyroid drugs which are taken in the morning. A Guggul (Comiphora Mukul) decoction will be beneficial as the resin of this herb is known to boost up the thyroid functioning.

Herbal Tea

Bladderwack is a seaweed that contains iodine, and is therefore used for treating hypothyroidism, which is mainly characterized by iodine deficiency. A herbal tea decoction made with this seaweed can be highly beneficial for hypothyroidism. You can flavor these drinks with iodized salt, which can compensate for the iodine deficiency.


Sushi, which contains the iodine-rich Nori seaweed, can be a wonderful breakfast option. Oyster pancake is another delicious option for your iodine needs. Goji berries, which are rich in Iron, Selenium, Vitamin C and Riboflavin constitute a major item of the hypothyroid diet plan. You could make a filling Goji Berry smoothie and have it.

Goji berries

Hypothyroidism is often seen to happen due to iron deficiency, as it slows down the conversion of T4 to T3, a condition known as de-iodinase activity. Selenium is responsible for preventing thyroid autoimmune diseases by preventing the damage of thyroid tissue by inflammation. Vitamin C takes care of the overall health of thyroid and prevents excessive secretion of the thyroid hormones, which drain the thyroid, leading to its malfunctioning.  Lack of Riboflavin (vitamin B2) leads to thyroid suppression.


Iodine-rich sea fish such as salmon, tuna, shrimp, halibut and cod are some of the options for lunch. Cheese and yogurt are iodine-rich options for vegetarians. These also contain proteins. Whole grain breads and pastas can be used as a filling main course items as they supply the body with healthy carbs.

Cheese and yogurt

These foods also contain dietary fiber that eliminates constipation, which is a symptom of hypothyroidism. Skinless chicken sandwiches provide healthy lean protein to your body and satiate your appetite too.


Persons with hypothyroidism have difficulty in digesting heavy carbohydrates and have to follow a calorie-restricted diet.


Hence, cookies and cakes made of high-fiber low-calorie whole grain flours can be consumed as snacks to satiate the in-between meal hunger pangs.


Persons suffering from hypothyroidism can include brown rice in their dinner menu, as it contains low-calorie healthy carbs, and has plenty of dietary fiber, in comparison to white rice. The nutrients present in brown rice prevent weight gain.


Iodine-rich fish and yogurt can complete your meal. Coconut oil can be included as a cooking oil in your hypothyroid diet plan, as it improves thyroid functioning, and thereby the metabolism of your body.

Foods to Avoid

If you are a lover of broccoli, cabbage, pine nuts, peanuts, spinach, millets, strawberries or sweet potatoes, it is time to bid them adieu, as these are goitrogenic, which implies that they interfere with the thyroid functioning in an adverse way.  Precisely, they inhibit the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland.

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