The Best 5 Exercises For Arthritis

Exercises For Arthritis

Arthritis is a very common ailment and is suffered by a great number of people. This condition causes pain in the joints and bones and also results in stiffness and inflexibility. Sometimes, it causes inflammation too.

While there are a large number of prescribed medications available for treating arthritis, it is advised that arthritis patients should perform specific exercises regularly so that the condition can be treated more effectively. Let us take a look at some exercises that are meant for arthritis patients.

The Best 5 Exercises For Arthritis

The Hamstring Stretch Exercise

To perform the hamstring stretch you are required to sit on the floor and keep your legs stretched out in front of you. Then bend the right knee, placing the bottom of the right foot against the inside of the left leg.

Hamstring Stretch Exercise

Now allow your right knee to drop towards the floor. Now bend forward from your hips and reach toward the ankle of the outstretched leg. Do not go farther than what is not possible for you. Get back to the starting position, rest for some time and then repeat the process with the other leg.


Walking has been proven as the easiest and the most beneficial exercise for arthritis patients. In fact, it is a must for people with arthritis to go for morning walks and evening walks regularly. This will help you to be active and promotes flexibility in the joints, thus reducing any kind of inflammation or pain.


The Quadriceps Stretch Exercise

For this you need to stand beside a wall. Then place your right hand on the wall for support. Now bend your left leg behind you and hold it above the ankle using your left hand.

Quadriceps Stretch Exercise

Now try to pull your ankle towards your buttocks as far as you can. Pull your ankles towards your buttocks in the backward direction. Remain in this position for about three seconds and then release your leg. Get back to the initial position and then repeat the process with the other leg.

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The Forward Bend Exercise

This is a very common stretching exercise and is very easy too. Stand straight with your feet a few inches apart from each other.

Forward Bend Exercise

Now you are supposed to bend forward and try to touch your toes with your fingers without bending your knees. If you are not able to do so then go as far as you can. Remain in the extreme stretch position for about three seconds and then get back to the normal position. Repeat the process again.

The Wall Dog Exercise

To perform this, you need to stand against a wall. Now place your palms on the wall at the level of your eyes. Your index fingers should point upwards. Now straighten your hands so hat your elbows are not bending and then you should push your chest towards the wall. Hold the position for some time and then get back to the initial position. Repeat the exercise.

Wall Dog Exercise

So, now with these exercises, arthritis will merely be a problem for you. Go ahead and get started now. Do these exercises regularly and see all your arthritis pain and other issues fade away in no time.

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