TCM In The Treatment Of diabetes

Treatment For DiabetesWith the rise in the acceptance and embrace of alternative healing methods for the treatments of various disorders, there is a steady increase observed in the number of patients who experienced positive results in their treatment procedure. Pairing up conventional medicine with alternative healing methods is another concept classified as integrative medicine which is being widely adopted as a treatment measure in countries all across the globe.

An excellent example which portrays this fact is the use of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) for the treatment of diabetes.A system of healing that developed thousands of years ago, TCM uses various techniques and plans such as the use of Chinese herbs, moxibustion, acupuncture, acupressure, tai chi, tui na, diet therapy and mind-body exercises to overcome the illness of the body and the mind.

The Yin Yang Theory

The yin and yang are the complementary opposites of the universe, each of them equally important to maintain a balance and promote overall well-being.Excess of yin brings about conditions like cold, fatigue, low metabolism rate etc. whereas an excess in the yang energy brings diseases including over activity and other disorders associated with too much heat and activity.

TCM Treatment of Diabetes

TCM aims at acquiring a balance between the yin and yang energies of the body, clear blockages in the meridian pathways and maintain a healthy functioning of the body. Below are the techniques you may implement if using TCM methods to manage diabetes.

Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Acupuncture and moxibustion techniques work by normalizing endocrine function and lowering blood glucose levels.

TCM In The Treatment Of diabetes

These techniques use the simulation of certain points on the body by inserting needles at a certain length inside the skin surface, thus removing any blockages that may have been present in the meridians.Using the pancreas points stimulates insulin secretion and kidney and bladder points control frequent urination.

Chinese Herbs

Herbs with specific functions such as heat clearing, cooling and dampness eliminating actions are used as per their requirement in the treatment of various disorders. Single herbs or combination of 2-3 herbs may be used as per the symptoms and severity of the disorder. Panax ginseng, momodica charantia, lagenaria siceraria and psidium gnajava are commonly used Chinese herbs that show their efficiency in treating and managing diabetes.

Diet Therapy

Diet plays an important role in warding off disorders and also helps a great deal in managing them. TCM views diabetes as a condition occurring due to yin deficiency. Thus, a diet composing of cooling foods is prescribed for diabetic patients.

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Spinach, which has a cooling effect on the internal organs of the body, strengthens the organs and lubricates the intestines, is to be included in the diet of a diabetic patient as per TCM diets.Also other fruits and vegetables such as celery, pumpkin, strawberry, guava, plum, yam, string beans, potatoes etc. Also, eating small and frequent meals shows significant changes in lowering the blood glucose levels.

Qi Gong

Using the qi gong breathing techniques that help you establish a mind-body connection is an important part of the TCM treatment of diabetes. Qi gong helps you promote healing, establishing a spiritual connection and contributes to keeping you healthy.

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