Symptoms Of Low Vitamin D Levels

Vitamin D is essential for the absorption and metabolism of phosphorus and calcium in our body. There are five types of vitamin D, namely D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, among which D2 and D3 are necessary for humans. A deficiency in vitamin D can cause many diseases in an individual and it is important to keep these levels healthy.

Our body synthesizes vitamin D with the help of sunlight. Some food sources and supplements can also be used to maintain the right level of vitamin D in our body. It is said that almost fifty percent of the world’s population suffers from a deficiency of vitamin D. It remains undiagnosed until the symptoms become quite severe and take the form of a chronic disease that starts affecting the normal life of an individual. Some of the commonly observed symptoms of vitamin D are discussed here.

Common Symptoms Of Low Vitamin D Levels

Mood Swings And Depression

Low levels of vitamin D can cause mood swings and depression in the affected individual. A mood disorder called Seasonal Affective Disorder is commonly seen in people during winters when the sunlight is less.


Our body produces more amounts of a substance called melatonin when the vitamin D levels are low. Excess level of melatonin cause loss of energy and depression. In women, low levels of vitamin D cause fluctuations in estrogen levels that result in symptoms like mood swings.

Fatigue And Body Aches

Many health conditions can cause fatigue and body aches, hence it can get difficult to diagnose it as vitamin D deficiency.

Body Aches

Studies indicate that people suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome and extreme exhaustion show low levels of vitamin D in their body. Fatigue and body ache is a commonly found symptom in all people who are suffering from vitamin D deficiency.

Sleep Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Low levels of vitamin D seem to cause sleep disorders in the affected individuals. It is due to the fact that vitamin D receptors are located in those parts of the human brain which help to control the normal sleep pattern in individuals. If the vitamin D levels are low in your body, these parts get affected and can cause a disruption in your normal sleep patterns.


Osteoporosis is a health condition in which calcium and other necessary minerals do not get deposited on the bones properly and this can make the bones very soft and brittle. This condition is said to be triggered and made worse by low levels of vitamin D in the body.


As people age, the skin is not able to synthesize vitamin D properly and older kidneys also are not efficient in converting this vitamin to its necessary active form. With lower levels of vitamin D, even calcium is not absorbed well by the bones.


Low levels of vitamin D in children can result in a health condition called rickets. It is especially seen in breastfed infants who are unable to get the necessary vitamin D.

The commonly observed symptoms of this condition include softening of bones and skull, curved legs and slower growth rate. Other symptoms include delay in teething, breathing problems, muscle spasms, irritability and recurrent respiratory infections.

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