15 Popular Home Remedies For Swollen Gums

Home Remedies For Swollen Gums

There are various potential reasons for swollen gums and some of the major contributing factors are allergies, dietary habits, injury, lifestyle changes, and lack of oral hygiene or infection. Besides looking unpleasant, the gums become very sensitive and if ignored it can cause further complications.

There are various home remedies available to treat the pain effectively. However, many of these remedies give only a symptomatic aid for both gum swelling and gum pain. If you want to understand the main cause of this problem, then a dental examination is inevitable. Nevertheless, some of these proven and effective home remedies do not cause any side effects like the other medications.

Popular Home Remedies to Treat Swollen Gums

1. Clove Oil

This is one of the popular remedies to fight against gum and tooth infection. Mix the oil with a pinch of black pepper and apply this mixture to the affected part. Initially, you may experience a burning sensation, but it will subside soon. There is also scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of clove oil in killing bacteria. In a clinical study, researchers found that the clove oil exhibited antibacterial action against different strains of (almost ten) gram-negative bacteria.

2. Bayberry

A paste prepared from bayberry is mixed with vinegar. This is useful in treating pain caused due to swollen gums or toothache. Use this paste once a week to strengthen the gums.

3. Garlic

A clove of garlic is dipped in rock salt, which is used on the affected part. This can give relief from pain.

4. Lime

This is another common remedy used to keep away the pain. Dip a lime slice in salt and massage the affected part to get relief from pain. Lime is also effective in stopping the bleeding of gums.

5. Ginger

A paste is prepared by blending ginger and salt. This is rubbed on the swollen gums daily to decrease swelling.

6. Tea Tree Oil

The tea tree essential oil provides instant relief from gum and tooth ache. It has an added advantage of being a powerful antibacterial substance. Massage the organic essential oil on the irritated area to ease the discomfort. It also helps in reducing swelling in the gums.

7. Asafetida

The resin of asafetida is from a pungent plant, which is used in treating gum and tooth aches. Mix lemon juice and heated asafetida resin. Apply this mixture to the affected tooth, which gives instant relief from pain.

8. Water

The main functions of saliva are to kill bacteria, break down food and in general maintain the hygiene of your mouth. Drinking a lot of water will help in the production of saliva. In the meantime, the water will help to eliminate bacteria and keep the mouth clean.

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9. Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is a potent antibacterial agent, which helps in promoting healthy gums and kills germs. Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide solution with water. Swishing the solution in and around the gums and teeth for about 30 seconds will provide relief from pain. Make sure you do not swallow the liquid.

10. Aloe Vera

This is another effective remedy in treating swollen gums and bleeding. You can rub the gums with the gel of aloe vera and then gargle with water. Repeat this process several times in a day. The assistant clinical professor, Erica Shapira (Pacific School of Dentistry) claims that the gel of aloe vera acts as a therapeutic agent and also has plaque-reducing properties.

11. Baking Soda

A mixture of table salt and baking soda along with turmeric is an excellent remedy for swollen gums. This mix is applied to the affected part two times a day with the aid of your finger and cotton mop. This will help in increasing the circulation of blood in the swollen area.

12. Arabica Bark

The bark of the Arabica tree is boiled in water, reducing it to almost half the quantity. Gargle with this liquid to get relief from swollen gums and pain.

13. Rose Essence

Prepare a concoction using lemon juice (half a lemon) with 50 g of rose flower essence. Stir and place this mix in the mouth holding it on the affected part for as long as you can. Repeat the procedure several times in a day to get relief from swelling and pain.

14. Saline Solution

A mix of salt and warm water is known as saline solution. This solution is used to rinse the mouth. The antibacterial property of this solution will help in fighting infections and also prevents further infection by getting rid of the bacteria. Moreover, this saline liquid is good for your breath and overall oral hygiene.

15. Other Home Remedies

A good oral hygiene is very important. Brush your teeth using a soft-bristled brush. Make sure you brush at least two times a day. Massage your gums and teeth with salt, 3 times a week. Make a paste of camphor and castor oil. Apply this paste on the swollen painful gums to get relief.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.