Popular Home Remedies For Candida

CandidaCandida is an infection that is caused by a fungus known as Candida albicans. The symptoms of this ailment can be mistaken for other conditions like allergic reaction, upset stomach or exhaustion. Candida in its initial stages can be cured by using home remedies, which have proved to be quite effective. The key here is to administer the remedies early on.

Home Remedies for Candida

Virgin Coconut Oil

This oil consists of medium chain fatty acids such as lauric acid and is also anti-fungal. The distinctive property of this oil helps in inhibiting the overgrowth of Candida in the body.

According to a study conducted in the year 2007 by the ‘Department of Microbiology and Parasitology’ in Nigeria established that Candida albicans (the fungus that causes Candida) had a susceptibility of about 100% towards coconut oil and hence concluded that the oil can be used in treating fungal infections, as the candida species is emerging drug resistant.

Coconut Oil

Virgin coconut oil of high quality (3 tbsp) must be taken daily either directly or can be added to your favorite recipes. The powerful antifungal properties of this oil help in curing candida. The oil must be applied topically over the affected parts, three times a day, which helps in eliminating the problem effectively.


Yogurt is an effective treatment for candida. There have been a lot of studies to prove its effectiveness in treating fungal infections. The lactobacillus acidophilus is the good bacteria present in yogurt. This helps in fighting against the fungus causing infection.

It is advisable to consume plain unflavored yogurt and ensure that the label on the package mentions that it contains live culture. It can be consumed on a regular basis or applied externally to the affected part to get quick and effective relief.

Boric Acid Suppository

Boric Acid Suppository

The antiseptic and antifungal attributes of boric acid help in treating candida. Boric powder could be topically applied on the spot infected by candida, 2 times a day until there is an improvement in the condition.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar can be used to wash the infected area. The vinegar’s acidity helps in combating the fungal infection. However, high concentrations of acid in vinegar might sting the skin. Hence, you need to dilute it with lukewarm water in the ratio of 1:4 before application.

White Vinegar

The body’s alkaline balance is restored by vinegar. Moreover, the antifungal properties help in treating candida effectively.

White Vinegar

The itching and irritation due to infection is reduced by taking a hot sitz bath that includes vinegar and water.


The anti-bacterial property of garlic helps in treating candida effectively. Garlic can be taken either orally in the tablet form or can be included in the food. In some cases, it can be directly applied to the area affected by fungus. It reduces itching and combats the infection successfully.

Oil of Oregano

The book written by Dr. Cass Ingram (‘The Cure is in the Cupboard’) explains that the oil contains two phenols, thymol and carvacrol. These are effective microbial killers. Hence, wild oregano with its powerful anti-fungal properties effectively treats the overgrowth of candida.

Oregano oil

You need to start the treatment step by step with just a single drop a day and then work up to about 3 drops -3 times a day. Also, you can dilute the oil of oregano along with extra virgin olive oil (1/2 tbsp).

Douching Solution

The douching solution can be prepared by mixing water (2 cups), apple cider vinegar (1 tbsp) and a garlic clove. Allow this mixture to stand for about 2 hours before using it.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera

The gel of Aloe Vera is known for its anti-microbial properties. It provides an effective cure for candida as well. The gel is rubbed on the infected area, which helps in soothing the symptoms quickly and naturally.

Olive Oil

This can be used orally to get rid of the infection. Mix olive oil (3-4 drops) with grapefruit juice (3-4 drops) and water (2 cups). Drink this concoction to get relief.

Cinnamon Oil

Like coconut oil, cinnamon oil also has antifungal properties, which are quite effective in curing the infection.

Cinnamon Oil

The cinnamon oil can be used individually. Alternatively, it is mixed along with coconut oil, which is applied to the area affected by candida in order to arrest the growth and cure the problem.

Black Walnut

Juglans nigra is the scientific name of black walnut. The anti fungal content present in black walnut will help in safeguarding the body against illness caused due to candida. A concoction prepared by using walnut tincture (1 ounce) along with lavender tincture (1/2 ounce) and tea tree oil (10 drops) is known to inhibit the yeast infection due to its anti fungal property. This mixture can be taken regularly (2-3 droppers) to counteract the effects.

Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is quite effective in curing candida infection. A cleanse with Epsom salt will flush out the harmful bacteria and prepares the body for good bacteria. Epsom salt is available in drug stores, health food stores and whole foods market. The directions to use the product are mentioned on the carton.

Epsom Salt

Dissolve about 2 to 4 tsp of Epsom salt in the water (8 Oz). It has to be well dissolved before use. The solution can be used as an internal dosage for 3 days. All cleansing methods must be carried out in the morning on an empty stomach.

Pregnant/nursing women and those suffering from nausea/vomiting, stomach pain or kidney disease must consult the doctor before use. Epsom salt is known for its powerful laxative effect, which removes harmful waste and internal toxins from the body. This is one of the potent home remedies to treat candida.

Other Home Remedies to Cure Candida

The extract of grapefruit seed is beneficial in treating the problem. The crushed olive leaves are applied to the area affected by candida to get relief. Cornstarch can be used to reduce the moisture content in the groin region.

Consume foods that are rich in beta-carotene like spinach, carrots, apricots, broccoli and sweet potatoes. Applying honey to the infected part and rinsing it after some time with lukewarm water is another potent home remedy to cure Candida.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.