10 Amazing Natural Probiotic Foods That Aid In Digestion

Improves Digestion

Probiotic foods are getting a lot of popularity these days, and we can see a lot of supplements that are now being launched in the market asserting to give your digestive system with a healthy dose of good bacteria for its effective functioning. But the healthy option is to go natural, and you can get the healthy bacteria from the foods you consume, rather than from the supplements. Here are the top 10 probiotic foods that can help with your digestion and provide healthy intestinal bacteria necessary for breaking down the food properly.

Here Are The 10 Amazing Natural Probiotic Foods That Aid In Digestion:


Sauerkraut which is prepared by fermenting cabbage with specific bacteria is the first thing we often remember when we talk about probiotic foods. This food is a kind of side dish in several European countries and is served in different styles. This superfood has a sour taste but can provide you with a good dose of digestive juices essential for improving your digestive health.



This Japanese staple food is often prepared by fermenting soybeans. Miso soup is extremely healthy and nutritious and drinking a cup of hot miso soup before having your meal is an excellent way to nourish your digestive system. It is full of proteins and nutrients and come in several flavors due to the specific compounds added during fermentation. You can buy miso soup kits and make it at home or can try making it by following the traditional recipe.



Yogurt is known for a long time containing active cultures and for the benefit it can provide for a sluggish digestive system. This healthy probiotic food provides your digestive system with good bacteria necessary for promoting digestion. However, artificially flavored yogurt varieties contain lots of added sugars and preservatives which might restrict you from getting the benefits of yogurt. So, choose plain yogurt varieties and enjoy its benefits.



This is a kind of probiotic food and one might take some time to get used to it because of its spicy flavor. Kimchi is often served as a side dish in Korea. Depending on the vegetables and the spices added in kimchi, it contains lots of nutrients, proteins, and minerals as well. Include this probiotic food in your diet routine, if you are a huge fan of spicy food and provide your digestive system with the healthy gut bacteria that helps in enhancing the digestive health.



Kombucha drink is one of the most available healthy probiotic drinks that have lots of health benefits. It is prepared by fermenting a sweetened drink using yeast as well as a colony of bacteria. People who are drinking Kombucha drink have mentioned that it did wonders in enhancing their digestive health. If you don’t want to end up taking risks in preparing Kombucha, there are many pre-made ones you can buy and enjoy.



Tempeh is one of the featured varieties in vegetarian and vegan foods. It is a healthy alternative to meat and being a fermented food, it is also good for your digestive health as well. The fermentation process makes the patty into a bun and this is why it looks like a burger or meatloaf. It is packed with lots of nutrients and offers amazing health benefits when included in your sandwiches, salads etc. Consuming this probiotic food can provide your digestive system with gut flora that aid in digestion.


Pickled Vegetables:

Pickled vegetables contain good bacteria that are beneficial for your digestive system. However, not all the pickles are healthy. There are some commercially available pickles that contain gherkins soaked in vinegar. Instead, pick natural pickles that are fermented in the brine using the natural-occurring lactobacillus bacteria.

Pickled Vegetables


Kefir is another amazing source of probiotics which contain a good dose of vitamin A and D as well. This beverage is a better probiotic drink, unlike the ordinary milk. Kefir is an excellent food source which can be used to provide probiotic benefits to your health. Similar to yogurt and other such cultured dairy products, this probiotic drink also provides a good dose of calcium, protein, and vitamin B12. It is readily available in several health stores and you can simply buy and enjoy its benefits.


Unpasteurized Cheese:

Cheddar, Gouda etc. are a few varieties of unpasteurized cheese that are ripened and aged by the good bacteria. Unpasteurized cheese contains healthy probiotic bacteria and can provide a good dose of calcium and protein, both of which help promote weight loss by improving metabolism rate and enhancing digestion.

Unpasteurized Cheese

Apple Cider Vinegar:

One unknown fact is that raw apple cider vinegar is a probiotic food. It is often used to add flavor to the salads and other veggies. Add it to your regular diet regimen for enhancing your digestion and improving your overall body health.

Apple Cider Vinegar

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