9 Natural Cures For Viral Infections

Viral Infections

Virus is a germ which when enters in a human body causes illness. A virus is a microorganism which cannot reproduce on its own, it needs a host cell too .when it come into contact with a host cell it transmit the genetic material in the host cell. Now when the host cell reproduces it reproduces the infection. A virus may enter the body through various parts such as mouth, nose or simple contact with a person who is infected.

It can also spread through body fluids such as blood saliva and semen which is infected. If a person consume. Contaminated food or drink it may also result in viral infection Viral infection may cause various diseases common cold ,chicken pox, flu, mumps, measles, stomach flu etc.

Viral diseases are contagious and it spread from one person to another for example if a infected person coughs or sneezes the air borne droplet may breathed by another person it may also spread by sexual contact or saliva. Our immune system helps to fight viral infection as antibiotics have very little or no effect on this virus .vaccines can also help in viral infection. There are many natural cures available to fight with viral infection:

9 Effective Natural Cures For Viral Infections

Uses Of Herbs And Spices

Many herbs can help to cure disease caused by viral infection such as tea tree, garlic cinnamon, mint family plants, rosemary basil etc.


Mint Family Plant

Mint family plant is very useful in curing many viral diseases such as if a person is suffering from nasal congestion it can use mint plant as a steam inhaler. boil some water add mint plant to it and cover the vessel now inhale the vapor deeply this will surely bring lot of relief to the person.



Garlic has antiviral antibacterial and anti fungal properties in it. it boost our immune system.


If a person is suffering from sore throat raw garlic with honey can work wonders for him/her; garlic has antiseptic properties in it garlic is also used to treat mosquito bites which causes infection.


Viral infection leads to tiredness and fatigue. Rest is very important. Our body needs strength and immune system needs to boost up so that it can fight the infection rest helps our body to recover. Many people continue to work without taking a break which results in prolonging of the disease.


Intake Of Fluid

Increase the intake of water and other fluids to keep the body rehydrated.

Drink Water

Many problems such as headache, fever and tiredness aggregate due to the lack of water intake; in many cases infection result in high temperature, & staying hydrated is very important as it help in bringing down the temperature vomiting, loose stool result in loss of water so the increase intake of fluids will help.


Food and eating habits plays a vital role in fighting with any viral infection vitamins and minerals and calcium helps to boost immune system. Junk food weakens the immune system so it should be avoided. Diet which include drink such as wheatgrass, chlorella helps in reducing the nutrients deficiency. Processed food and refined carbohydrate should be avoided during and after the infection as they suppress immune system



An alternative course can also be applied in curing viral infection. Homeopathic not only stimulate immune system but also helps to deal with after effects of the infection.


Arsenical album helps in stomach infection and fatigue. Homeopathy has many medicines to relive cold and cough it also helps if a person has temperature.


Regular exercise helps in keeping our body and mind healthy exercise helps to build immune system of our body which is essential to fight with the virus. Most of the viral disease does not respond to the antibiotics so here it is very important to have very strong immune system when we exercise white blood cells travel more fast in our body.


These white blood cell help to fight with virus that may cause infection however, during the period of infection exercises should be avoided. Ample of sleep also helps the immune system of the body to fight with the disease.


An ayurvedic treatment can also help in various viral infection such as fever which is very common if cinnamon pepper and honey are mix together and eaten it helps to bring down the temperature.


Cumin seed which has antiseptic properties in it is also very effective in cases of temperature. Ginger also helps in bringing down the temperature. To avoid any infection it is very important to wash our hands regularly.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.