7 Natural Cures For Tuberculosis


Tuberculosis is an infectious disease which is caused due to the bacteria. Tuberculosis generally affects lungs but it may also effect other organs of the body such as nervous system, respiratory system etc. TB can be of either latent or active. Latent TB occurs due to the bacteria present in the body but it is in inactive mode and it is not contagious. Active TB is contagious and can make one sick.

In active TBs bacteria in lungs multiply and causes pain in the chest, prolonged cough, and coughing up blood. The body’s immune system helps to stop the TB bacteria to spread to other parts of the body, it form a scar tissue around the bacteria and prevents the disease to spread however if the immune system of the body is weak, the bacteria breaks through the scar tissue and becomes active and it can cause damage to the different organs of body. There are many natural cures which can help to treat TB and provide relief and comfort to the person suffering. Check these natural cures for treatment in a safe way.

7 Various Natural Ways To Cure Tuberculosis

1. Basil Leaves And Pomegranate Seeds

Basil leaves and pomegranate seeds help to cure TB. We can make a mixture with pomegranate seeds and basil leaves, and also add some dried ginger, pepper and white cumin seed to it. Mix all the ingredients and grind it to fine powder. Give this mixture to the person suffering and he could be immensely benefited from it.

2. Juices

Fruit juices helps to cure TB and are rich source of energy. Different fruits provide different nutrients that help to boost immune system of the body and recover from TB. Pineapple juice helps to reduce mucus and hence reduce pain and coughing. Mint juice is also very effective in curing TB.

A person suffering from TB can take a tea spoon of mint juice with honey, malt vinegar and carrot juice. This juice should be taken thrice a day to reduce mucus and the side effects of the TB medicine. An orange juice with honey and pinch of salt once in a day provides nourishment for the lungs.

3. Garlic

Garlic plays a vital role in curing tuberculosis. One can make a solution by adding some garlic to water and milk. Boil all the ingredients till it comes to one forth of its quantity.  This solution should be taken twice in a day. It works wonder and helps to treat tuberculosis very effectively.

4. Acupuncture

Acupuncture can help in treating tuberculosis. It strengthens the function of lungs. In acupuncture various points in the body is stimulated with the needle which in turn helps to cure the disease .In this practice various points is pressed to boost immune system of the body so that it can fight off TB bacteria and bring relief and the comfort to the person suffering from TB.

It is safe and alternative way of medication. To treat tuberculosis some points such as Zoujian and Tianjing provides moistening to lungs and relief from high fever which is one of discomfort, a person may suffer due to tuberculosis. Acupuncture is effective in treating tuberculosis.

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5. Celery

Celery juices are of great aid in treating TB. Take few celery leaves grind them to extract juice from it. The person suffering should take four table spoon of juice in the interval of thirty minutes for two hours; it should be continued till the stool gets clear and regular.

6. Custard Apple

Custard apple is very beneficial in treating TB. It has rejuvenating properties in it. We can make a mixture of custard apple and seedless raisins by boiling custard apple pulp and seedless raisins in water on slow flame till one third of the water is left. Now we add cinnamon powder and cardamom to it. This mixture can be taken twice in a day and soon we will get astonishing result and relief in the discomfort.

7. Dietary Supplements

Food that meets the all nutrients requirement is very important to treat and prevent tuberculosis. Food rich in protein such as egg white and milk is vital as protein helps to repair the damage tissues. At least two to three glasses of milk in a day should be taken.Fruits such as oranges, grapes are rich source of vitamin c and antioxidant which increase the immunity.

Wholegrain and cereals should be included in the diet. The person suffering should encourage eating food dense in calories such as ghee and butter. Health diet will help in fast recovery from tuberculosis.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.