Natural Cures For Pleurisy

PleurisyPleurisy is a viral disease in which the membrane surrounding the lungs and the rib cage gets inflamed. This makes breathing difficult and excess fluid to get accumulated (sometimes) between the layers of the membrane. There are various methods to treat pleurisy depending upon its severity.

There are also many natural remedies through which various pleurisy symptoms can be treated and provides comfort to the patients. Hereunder are some of the best natural remedies to treat pleurisy.

Best Natural Cures For Pleurisy

Apply Heat

Applying heat to the chest area for about 30 minutes two times in a day will help the lungs to open thus relieving the pain and congestion linked with the condition.

Apply Heat

Another method is having a hot shower for 20 minutes (approximately) or just standing under the hot shower. This will relieve the congestion caused in the chest. If you have a fever, then you should switch over from heat to cool packs.

Try Fasting Formula

As soon as you start experiencing the indications of pleurisy, drink lots of water and eat less. Drinking lots of water will purify the lungs and will also keep the mucus thin.

Eating less will keep your stomach light causing less congestion in the respiratory area (upper). It is good to fast only with the consumption of water for a few days, but the process should be done only under your physician’s supervision.

Use Humidifier

It is good to have a humidifier in the house once you have been spotted with pleurisy. Run the humidifier, mainly in the night when you are sleeping because this will increase the humidity in the room and the moisture in the air, which in turn will thin out the mucus thus making it easier to pass through the lungs.

Use Humidifier

Cleaning of the humidifier is necessary every day to keep it bacteria-free and fungus-free thus preventing further lung inflammation.

Immersion Bath

Having an immersion bath at a temperature of minimum 100 degrees Fahrenheit and using cold compresses on the shoulders, neck, and head will help in cooling the body. After this, immerse yourself in hot water to reduce the inflammation and congestion caused in the chest.

Try Steam Inhalation

By breathing in the vapor from a bowl of hot water in which peppermint tea bags or two chamomiles is placed will reduce your pain.

Steam Inhalation

Take a towel and place it over your head in such a way that it should also cover the bowl to inhale the maximum vapor coming from the hot water. Inhale the water vapor until the temperature of the water has cooled down completely. Repeat this process in every 3-4 hours until the fluid and symptoms have reduced.

Mixture of Garlic, Onion, and Honey

Grind 4-6 pieces of garlic with half an onion. Add 8-10 teaspoon of water and 2 teaspoons of honey to the ground mixture.  Blend it well and consume 30 minutes before having your first meal.


By doing this, the bronchial passages will open thus making you comfortable. You can have this mixture anytime during a day if you experience you have chest congestion.

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