Natural Cures For Dislocations

DislocationsWe have some major joints in our body, where two or more bones come together. When the ends of these bones get forced out from their usual positions, it is called a dislocation of that joint. Dislocations could occur in the major joints in the shoulder, hip, knee, ankle or elbow. Even the smaller joints in the fingers, toes and thumbs could get dislocated.

This injury can be very painful and makes it difficult to move the affected joint. A dislocated joint no longer functions properly. The area around the affected joint gets swollen and there is an intense pain. It takes a few days of proper care and rest to get back to normal activity.

But, more severe dislocations can result in torn muscles, ligaments and tendons that take quite some time to heal, and the injury might keep recurring. These natural cures will provide relief from pain and inflammation in the dislocated joint, and help cure the condition effectively.

Natural Cures For Dislocations

Ice And Heat Application

Applying ice on your dislocated joint within 48 hours of injury is essential. It will prevent swelling, and also help reduce inflammation and pain. Pack some ice cubes in a clean cloth and apply for about fifteen minutes. Do this every few hours in the first two days of the injury.

Ice Treatment

After the second day, you will find that the pain and inflammation have reduced to quite an extent. Now, apply heating pad, for around fifteen minutes every day till the pain fades away completely. This will help relax your sore muscles.


If you have a dislocated joint, keeping the area slightly elevated will help prevent swelling and pain. This is especially helpful in toe, knee, elbow, or finger joints dislocations as it is easy to keep them elevated above the heart level. Elevation for half an hour, after every three to four hours, will be very beneficial.

Give It Rest

The most important part of recovery is to give your dislocated joint as much rest as possible. Try not to make any actions with the affected joint and avoid sudden movements.


Giving it good rest for two days will help heal the injury faster. Use this time to catch up on some reading and relaxing activities.

Apply A Bag Of Frozen Vegetables

This is a very convenient and effective way to get relief from pain due to dislocations. Keep a bag of frozen peas, beans, etc, handy in your refrigerator.

Apply it all over the injured area to get relief from the pain. The rolling action of the round peas also provides a nice massage.

Gentle Exercises

Now that you have given your dislocated joint a good amount of rest for two to three days, it’s time for some gentle exercises.


This is necessary to maintain the range of motion of the affected joint. Consult a physiotherapist for guidance on the right kind of exercises.

Immobilization Of The Affected Joint

In case of serious dislocations, it is imperative to keep the joint immobilized with the help of splints. Trying to put back the joint into its socket on your own could cause further harm.

Avoid doing so, and take your doctor’s advice. Professional dislocation treatment might be needed for serious dislocations.

Garlic Is Good

Garlic contains substances that have strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. If you have a joint dislocation, the affected area will be feeling very painful and inflamed.


Consuming garlic cloves will help to reduce the inflammation and pain considerably. Have around five raw garlic cloves every day till the affected area heals completely. Also, add garlic to your cooking to get its best health benefits.

Massage With Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is very beneficial in treating dislocations and has been used in traditional Indian medicine since ages to treat injuries. A massage with sesame oil helps nourish injuries, as well as treats poor circulation.

This oil is very thick and makes the skin very oily. So, massage the affected area for around fifteen minutes and then wipe it off with some cotton or a soft cloth.

Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric is used as a spice in most households. It is also a very effective natural cure for many ailments. The compound curcumin in turmeric, which gives it the characteristic yellow color, acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. It is very helpful in treating dislocations as it provides relief from pain and helps reduce inflammation in the affected joint.


Add a teaspoon of raw turmeric powder to a glass of milk, stir well, and drink it twice a day. You can also mix raw turmeric powder with honey and have it thrice a day. This will speed the healing of the affected muscles and ligaments around the dislocation.

Cooling Mint

Joint dislocations cause a lot of pain and discomfort. The area around the joint becomes swollen and inflamed. Apply a paste of fresh mint leaves on the affected area.

Cooling Mint

The mint acts as an effective coolant, and helps soothe the pain. This will bring down the inflammation on the affected area considerably, helping heal the injury faster.

Arnica Oil Massage

The herb arnica contains compounds which help reduce inflammation. A gentle massage with arnica oil is very helpful in dislocations. It will assist the healing process on the inflamed area of your dislocated joint.

Arnica Oil

Massage the area around the dislocated joint at least twice or thrice a day with arnica oil. It will reduce the pain and bruising in the affected muscles and ligaments around the dislocation, and help heal the injury faster.

Cayenne Pepper

Cayenne pepper possesses rubefacient properties when applied externally to skin. This heating property brings warmth to the affected area when cayenne pepper ointment is applied over it. An application of cayenne pepper ointment over the affected area helps in faster healing of the injury.

Cayenne Pepper

You can also sip on a cayenne pepper infusion, which helps ease pain. Prepare the infusion by adding a quarter teaspoon of cayenne powder to a cup of hot water. Let it steep for around five minutes. Strain and sip on this liquid throughout the day to treat dislocations naturally.

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