Natural Cures For Body Itching

Body IthchingItching is irritation of the skin, it may affect whole body or a part it. The person suffering from it would want to scratch the effected area. Itchy skin is very uncomfortable and may result into redness, dry skin or spots. Sometimes itching can last a long time and more you scratch, the itching gets more intense, that breaking this cycle becomes difficult.

Itching may occur due to many reasons some of them are dry skin, allergy, sun burn iron deficiency or it may be because of certain disorder in the body.

During pregnancy also women may suffer from itching. some times a person may suffers from itching due to reaction to some medication he is taking. Parasites such as body lice, head lice may also result in itching. A person suffering from itching does not require any medical attention unless and until it is very severe, however, there are many natural treatments available which can be very beneficial.

Various Methods To Cure Body Itching

Effectiveness Of Wet Compress

Wet compress can help in reducing itching. It can be helpful in itching due to insect bites, eczema or other rashes. A wet dressing or a wet compress can be prepared by soaking a clean towel in cold water, burrow solution or acetic acid.

wet compress

Now first cover the effected area with a moisturizer and place the wet compress on it or you can place the wet compress directly on the rash, leave the wet compress for some time .It can be repeated twice or thrice in a day, it will help in reducing itchiness.

Juniper Berries And Cloves

Juniper berries have anti inflammatory properties in it. It is very effective in giving relief to the person suffering. Cloves contain an essential oil which has the ability to numb the nerve endings.

Juniper Berries And Cloves

We can make a pack with six tablespoon of butter and two table spoon of beeswax, melt them in separate saucepan when they are melted mix them together now add some grounded juniper berries and cloves. Allow this paste to cool down; we can apply this paste on the effected area. This pack will help to reduce itching and discomfort.


Oatmeal has antioxidant properties in it .it helps in soothing the itching. A person can either use it in the bath or make a paste of it. To make a paste of oatmeal we can add water to oatmeal flour and blend it well, now apply this paste on the effected area and cover it with a clean cloth, leave it for some time and wash it thoroughly.


We can use oatmeal in bath too. Fill the tub with warm water add two cups of oatmeal to it now immerse in it for an hour but be cautious that water is not hot as it may irritate the skin further. We may observe an astonishing result with the use of oatmeal.

Pepper Mint Oil

Pepper mint oil contains therapeutic compounds in it. it is very effective method to treat itchiness .We can dilute peeper mint oil with other essential oil such as coconut oil and rub it on the effected area.

Peppermint Oil

To get relief in itchiness a person can also add few drops of peeper mint oil to his/her bath, it will help him/her immensely. We can even add the peppermint oil diluted with other essential oil to a spray bottle and spray on the irritated skin.

Food Supplements

Food plays an important role in curing and preventing itchiness. A person should try to avoid food which he is allergic to since it may trigger itching .In case of itching we should lower down the salt intake in our diet as salt absorbs more water and may cause dry skin.

Increase the intake of vitamin c in your diet as it helps to fight off the element which causes itchiness.Oranges, lemons and green leafy vegetables are rich source of vitamin c.

Honey And Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon and honey both contains anti septic and soothing properties in it .We can make a smooth paste of cinnamon and honey. After bath, dry yourself and take some the cinnamon and honey mixture and apply it on the clean skin. Massage this mixtures until it gets absorbed in the skin and leave it for some time. It is very beneficial and provides relief to the person suffering.

Advantages Of Homeopathy

Homeopathy provide us an alternative method to treat itchiness effectively. Homeopathy helps in soothing itchiness and inflammation of skin .


There are many medicines available which can treat as well as prevent itchiness such as anacardium orientale, grapties and apis. They help to reduce itchiness and discomfort.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.