6 Natural Cure For Tonsil Stones

Tonsil stones are recognized when you are having a sore throat that causes pain and it seems as if it is not healing. These are also recognized as the lumps rooted to the throat which is white and yellow in color and if you dig it you may damage your tonsils. This results in very stinky breath despite of your spraying mouth spray.

Tonsil Stones

Best Possible Natural Cure for Tonsil Stones

Removing by Finger, Cotton Pad, or Backside of a Toothbrush

Removing of tonsil stones with the help of your finger or cotton swab or back of a toothbrush is the most preferred method. Removing of tonsil stones by these methods requires no medication or use of any medical instrument.

These procedures can be done according to your convenience. You have to face a large mirror, wide open your mouth to observe the tonsil stones. With the help of a cotton swab apply some amount of pressure on the tonsil stones and use your finger to remove it. The same can be done with the back of a toothbrush which is forced against the tonsil stone to remove it.

Tonsil by thooth brush

Lollipop Treatment Process

The lollipop treatment process simply involves the sucking of the lollipop. While sucking some sort of pressure is applied, which help in dislocating the tonsil stones from the throat. This procedure helps to get relief from the tonsil stones and it is one of the most effective methods.


Using Medicine Dropper

This is another method for removal of tonsil stones. In this method you can remove the tonsil stones with the help of a medicine dropper. An empty and new medicine dropper is taken and its tip is pointed towards the tonsil stones and a suction pressure is applied to it with the result that the tonsil stone is removed naturally.

Medicine Dropper

Salt and Water Procedure

Another method for removal of tonsil stones is the salt and water process. In this method a pinch of salt is mixed with water and that mixture is gargled to get relief from pain, as gargling kills most of the bacteria.

You can make a habit of gargling this mixture daily for the prevention of development of tonsil stones. You can also use a mouthwash, which is made for commercial purpose as an alternative to this method of salt and water.


Making the Habit of Drinking Plenty of Water

If you drink plenty of water, it keeps your body hydrated and keeps you away from a lot of diseases. This process restores the amount of fluids back to the body which are lost as a result of physical exertion.

When your body is hydrated it also keeps your throat hydrated. When the throat is hydrated it is not prone to tonsil stones. This method holds a lot to tell, but it is not possible, but you could get the entire information from online sources.

Drink Water

Making a Habit of Good Hygiene

It’s only through practice you can acquire the habit of good hygiene. The only cause of having tonsil stones is the oral bacteria. The amount of oral bacteria can be reduced by sustaining a good hygiene. You should keep your mouth clean by regularly brushing, tonsils clean by regular gargling and the tongue should be cleaned by scraping.


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