Natural Cure For Sleeplessness

Cure for sleeplessness nightsSleepless nights can be terrible and nerve racking. Lack of sleep can create serious health problems.

It can reduce the balance of the body functions. Insomnia can cause several disorders like giddiness, lethargy, headaches, a constant feeling of tiredness and loss of appetite.

It can disable your powers of concentration, slow down your reflexes, and give rise to disorientation and general sluggishness. Sleeplessness can be caused by undue anxiety and tensions, stress, emotional disturbances and fear of something.

Diet plays an important role in sleep complaints. A good healthy nourishing diet is necessary to induce proper sleep. Follow these simple steps for a sound sleep.

Tips To Cure Sleeplessness


Milk is very healthy. It takes care of your general health. It is a rich source of calcium. Drink a glass of hot milk just before going to bed.

Calcium is a nerve soother and relieves sleeplessness. It helps to settle irritable nerves. Milk also an amino acid called tryptophan which raises the levels of melatonin in the brain. This slows down the thought processes and helps you sleep better.

Hot Bath

A hot bath just before retiring washes away the day’s cares and fatigue. Give yourself a good rub down with a rough towel. Your body will feel relaxed, refreshed and clean. Your mind too will feel light and easy.


Massaging the neck and shoulder will ease the tense nerves and clear the mind. Take some coconut oil, add a small piece of camphor to it and warm it a little.

Sleeplessness nights

Ask someone to knead, gently, in a circular motion, the muscles of the neck, shoulder and upper arms, with this oil. Gradually all the strain of the day will be released and the tightened nerves will be thoroughly relaxed. You will light and soothed.

Sound Sleep With Herbal Tea

Herbs are well known for their comforting and relaxing properties. They protect against digestive disorders and the essential oils in them are great restoratives. Boil some fennel seeds in a glass of water for three minutes. Strain, add a teaspoon of honey and drink before sleeping. Likewise you can do with anise, coriander and basil.

Avoid Caffeine

Cure for sleepless nights

Four hours before bedtime you should stop drinking tea or coffee. The caffeine in these beverages keep the mind stimulated for a long time thus hindering sleep.

Conducive Atmosphere

The bedroom is a place for repose. It should not be cluttered with unnecessary furniture, should be free of electrical gadgets like television and computer. The mobile phone should be switched off and should not be kept near the pillow. A ticking clock should not be in the room. The room should be completely dark and noise free when you sleep.

Relax Your Mind With this Simple Breathing Exercise

Lie on your back with your palms placed lightly on your stomach. Inhale deeply to the count of six. Hold your breath for five seconds. Exhale slowly to the count of six, then again, hold your breath for five seconds and inhale. Do this, for at least eight to ten minutes. The tension will automatically reduce and relax the brain.

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