5 Natural Cures For Plantar Fasciitis

 Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is an abnormal condition which can affect the heel of your feet. The pain in this condition is very critical and can’t be expressed in words. The sufferer might feel uncontrolled pain when weight is applied over the heel. This disease is generally found in athletes and actually in over-weighted people.

Natural Ways To Cure Plantar Fasciitis

Take Enough Rest

Whenever the sufferer is feeling severe pain in the heel, he/she should take enough rest for a few days. It is better not to use your feet and keep it off for some period as it might cause pain in the heels. The sufferer should completely avoid activities which can cause pain in the feet. If the sufferer is an athlete, then he/she should reduce physical activities which create pressure on the feet and can continue with low-impact activities so as to give a temporary rest to the feet. It is preferable to go for swimming or bicycling instead of aerobics or running.

Take Rest

Consume Ice

Ice is the most famous pain reliever naturally available to us and it can give you a positive instant relax. It also helps reducing the inflammation at infected portion of the heel. One can use a small bag of frozen pieces of ice in a cloth or can wrap a pack of ice and subject it softly over the infected heel for about 20 minutes.

Ice Pack

Do not just leave the pack of ice over the heel for a longer time as it could result in damaging of the delicate tissues of your feet. This process of treatment must be repeated for atleast four times every day. It is also suggested to perform this act after any physical activity. Freeze a bottle of water and apply your feet over it and try to roll over it for at least five minutes.

Massage and Stretching

The affected portion of the feet should be regularly treated for massaging and stretching which would help reducing the pain and inflammation of the heel. The calves could be stretched by propping the toes in opposite direction to a wall. You can also prefer to stand over a single step.

Massage and Stretching

Now just leave the heel to hang over the edges of step and then do apply pressure in downward direction gently. The heel could be massaged by using our finger for applying pressure gently over the affected portion of the heel. Thus, the process of massage and stretching is one of the best natural ways ever proved to be effective to reduce the pain and inflammation.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

The improper support of foot could also cause disease like plantar fasciitis, so it is necessary to select your shoes wisely which could give the sufficient amount of support and comfort. The additional support could also be given by the use of orthotic devices just inside the shoes.

Choose Your Shoes Wisely

It is preferred to use night splints which are actually worn over the foot during sleeping and it helps to stretch the muscles of your calf during sleeping. It results in reducing the inflammation of the affected area.

Perform Foot Muscle Exercises

Performing daily exercises for your foot can help strengthen your extrinsic and intrinsic muscular imbalances, and hence cures plantar fasciitis.

Foot Muscle Exercises



5 Natural Cures For Plantar Fasciitis

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