Natural Cure For Fibromyalgia

Natural Cure For FibromyalgiaFibromyalgia is a chronic condition which causes tenderness, stiffness and pain of the muscles, tendons and joints and tissues. It is also characterised by  feeling tired, restlessness, anxiety, stress and depression. Some of the natural remedies are shown here which are beneficial.

Natural Ways To Cure Fibromyalgia

Aerobics Exercises

Aerobics is the most important thing. Keeping your heartbeat high for 30 min everyday will help in Fibromyalgia. Walking is the best way to start with.

Consumption of Garlic

Cure For Fibromyalgia

Consumption of garlic or garlic powder adding at least 2 teaspoon every day will help in Fibromyalgia.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy for Fibromyalgia is the most commonly tried treatment and more effective to relax the body muscles and get relief from the pain generally cause in Fibromyalgia.

Application of Capsaicin

Capsaicin is generally produced from pepper plants. It is considered as a natural pain killer since ancient time. Nowadays it is the active component in a range of over-the-counter lotions and sprays. When you apply this to the painful area of your body, it rouses a chemical present in our body known as substance P.

The sufferer feel less pain as substance P gets depleted. Capsaicin is widely used in chronic pain in diabetes, cluster headaches, cancer, and many other pains. It can also give relief from pain caused by fibromyalgia.

Say NO to Fatty Food

Food which increases your body fat should be avoided mainly meat and other oily food. This is a good way to avoid this disease.

Instead of Coffee Take Fruits in the Morning

natural remedies for fibromyalgia

Coffee contains caffeine which only provides temporary boost of energy and later drains it away by replacing coffee with fruits or its juice will make sure of keeping the energy level constant throughout the morning. This will prove to be very beneficial in this disease in the long run.

Use Lemon in Water while Drinking

It seems to be very simple, but it is a very natural remedy for this disease. Lemon juice contains compound that is beneficial to the liver and even helps in dextofixation, important for those people who suffer from this disease. People suffering from these diseases should drink at least 8 glasses of water to keep themselves hydrated throughout the day and should squeeze few drops of lemon juice in it.

Use Multivitamin Tablets

Now a day the food we eat does not contain all the nutrients required by the body because the food is not up to the quality required by the body. So these types of multivitamins tablets will help them in gaining the nutrition essential for the body. So consume a high potency, high multi-vitamin and rich in minerals every day. It will be beneficial in fibromyalgia.

Use of Acupuncture

It is one of the ancient Chinese methods used to give relief from several physical disease which causes severe pain. It is also used in treatment for fibromyalgia. It gives temporary relief from this disease as several studies have proved this. Using acupuncture along with pulsed electric current called electro accupuncture is used to give relief from the pain caused by this disease.

Use of Meat and Milk

If you are suffering from Fibromyalgia then try these for few days. Try to give up meat and milk for 6 months and get the test done again, because research has shown that this disease is caused from hormones from meat and milk, so avoiding this may be helpful in some case.


Also, they say prevention is better than cure so if you are diagnosed by fibromyalgia avoid eating milk and meat.

Use of Power Balm

If you are suffering from pain, which is a common symptom in fibromyalgia then you can try using Power Balm, which is a natural pain reliever. It gives relief from pain immediately. You can buy it from your local store or online store too, and they also offer a free sample so try this as there is nothing to lose and only to gain.

Use of Magnesium Malate

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia then there is one way you can avoid this disease for long time. Take Magnesium malate tablet everyday and you remain free from any pain. Remember this you have to take this tablet everyday because even if you miss it for a day then the ache will return to you. So if you want to remain free than take this tablet everyday.

Reduction of Stress

Today many diseases can be avoided if you avoid stress. Stress supports symptoms of this disease, so if you suffer from this disease then you have to look ways to avoid the stress. Start yoga, do light exercises, try breathing exercises and also do pranayam. You will not only feel relaxed but also remain away from stress. And as long as you are away from stress you also keep Fibromyalgia at distance.

Change Lifestyle

If you want to remain free from any disease then you want to change your lifestyle. So if youwant to avoid Fibromyalgia then you want to change your lifestyle. Eat a well balanced diet to improve your digestive system. Try to eat meats lower in fat and eat vegetables which contain high-fiber.

Also in your food include low Carbohydrate fruits and foods that contain omega 3 fatty acid.Avoid fried foods, sugar, alcohol and caffeinated beverages, and drink lots of water. Drinking lot of water will help in proper digestion of foods.

Use of Herbs

Try to speak with a doctor or an expert and try to find out several herbs that may help you with fibromyalgia symptoms.

Certain herbs which are recommended are ginger that helps in fatigue and turmeric, which is helpful in reducing pain and inflammation.

Additional Tips

Remember these are all natural and home remedies for the cure of fibromyalgia. They may work or they may not work. However, if you are not cured after trying several time, then immediately discontinue the treatment and immediately see a doctor, because it may be harmful to you. However, several others treatment may help in the overall improvement of your health.

Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.