5 Natural Cures To Dementia

When there is a progressive decline in mental abilities, which further restricts person’s routine functionality, it’s known as a condition called dementia. When this directly affects the human brain, then it might be a problem for a human in memory, orientation, and language.


There are different conditions like head injuries, strokes and other conditions can directly affect our brain, and it can surely lead to dementia. So, it’s better to cure dementia as soon as possible.

Tips To Treat Dementia Naturally

Green Tea

People  who are having a habit of drinking green tea regularly has got less risk of this disease. As per research, many of the adults above the age of 70 found that the more Green tea they drank, the lower the risk of getting dementia in them. These findings also shown that there are some compounds in green tea that helps in protecting cells of brain.

green tea


If you keep a habit of walking some miles in a day, then this can surely keep your brain protected from shrinking, and you can fight with dementia easily. As per study, almost 300 people who kept a habit of walking daily, has proven that they have less chances of getting dementia. You should keep a habit of walking at least six miles in a day, so that you will surely face lesser brain related problems.



If you try to consume more oily fish, then you would surely have a lower risk of getting dementia. It is a very rich source of omega 3s. Even more consumption of DHA and EPA omega means you will have 20 to 30% lower risk of getting dementia. However, if you consume foods that are very rich in palmitic acid, then you will surely have higher risk of getting dementia. Also there are some factors that can also affect dementia like sex and age, so make sure to take food in proper quantity.



This is world’s oldest species of living tree. Leaf extracts of Ginkgo is the best product for the people having chronic cerebral problems. It is also found that these are very helpful in the symptoms of vascular insufficiency.

People having short-term memory loss and depression can also take leaf extracts of this. So, Ginkgo extracts can be helpful that can protect us from mental deterioration and other problems.



This is also popular as red sage root. This is considered as one of the important herbs in treating dementia. It is generally used in prescriptions for TCM and for pain of stagnant blood. It has also proven that salvia also improves microcirculation. It is also used in diluting blood vessels.

It improves the blood circulation and also shows the clotting time. Salvia is generally used for the calming effects, so it is normally considered as the good formula for geriatric patients. People having mental agitation and depression can also consider Salvia as an important ingredient. It can easily interact with our blood-thinning tablets. Salvia is generally found with gingko extract in the said formula. It is a good protection for dementia.


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