Natural Cure For Boils

Boil is a kind of infection, observed in our skin that contains pus and can result in swelling. It is also called a type of abscess of skin. Carbuncles are also exactly similar to boil, but only difference is that they are little bit harder and pus filled. It can also cause painful inflammations. There is different kind of home remedies for boils. All of these are known to those people who are living with such conditions.


As we know that boils are very painful and ugly, and they can also make our life very difficult. However, one of the best remedies is prevention. If you take hygiene in a proper form, then you can surely prevent boils. Even if proper care is taken for different problems like sweating and diabetes then also you can prevent boils. Look at the below section to know more about the natural care of boils.

Tips To Cure Boils Naturally

Garlic Or Onion Juice

If you want to evacuate the pus developed by boils, then you can apply the juice made from onion or garlic. Garlic is the most popular remedy for the treatment of boil because it helps in purifying our blood and also boosts our immune system. It is considered as one of the best antibiotics.


Milk Cream

One of the most effective treatments for boil is milk cream, and it is also recommended by many health practioners, the world over. You just need to take 1tsp of milk cream that is mixed with a pinch of turmeric powder and also 1/2tsp of vinegar and apply the same on boils.

Milk Cream

Gourd Juice

This is another effective remedy for the boils filled with blood. Take 1tsp of lemon juice and a cup of gourd juice and drink that juice at empty stomach. If you follow this routine for two months or more than you will surely see the difference.

Gourd Juice

Fenugreek Seeds

You can also try to apply crushed seeds of fenugreek that is boiled in water for around 10 minutes.


Different Kind Of Juices

If you are feeling little bit tired, then you can surely make use of combination of different juices like fresh lime juice, honey, fresh orange juice and cord liver oil. This combination should be taken at least three times a day and for two months.

different juices

Paste Of Lime Juice

If you really want to come out of blood boils, then you can also use a paste made from fresh lime juice and mix the roasted pomegranate skin into it.


Neem Leaves

Take some of the tender fresh neem leaves and make a paste of it. Apply this paste regularly on your boils. They will surely disappear.

Neem Leaves


This is one of the best techniques to cure boils. This process of fasting helps in cleansing our toxins that are accumulated in our body.


Colloidal Silver

We can also make use of colloidal silver because it is considered natural, disinfectant and antibiotic for our body and best thing is it doesn’t have any side-effects.

Colloidal silver


Fruits that are filled with Vitamin A are also the best source for curing boil as they are antioxidant in nature. Fruits having Vitamin C are also good source that can control inflammation, and they can also help in simulating our immune system.


Caution: Please use Home Remedies after Proper Research and Guidance. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.